JessN: Ole Miss wrap-up: Tide pens masterpiece on the strength of second act


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Oct 13, 1999
Ole Miss wrap-up: Tide pens masterpiece on the strength of second act
by Jess Nicholas, Editor-In-Chief

If you want to know what “joyless murderball” looks like, the Alabama Crimson Tide produced a half-hour documentary Saturday afternoon, and Ole Miss should win an Oscar for Best Actors in a Supporting Role.

Alabama outscored Ole Miss 18-3 in the second half on its way to winning 24-10. It was a game that felt disastrous at times from an Alabama perspective in the first half, yet ended up possibly kickstarting a Tuscaloosa renaissance of doomhammers and other methods of mass enfeeblement. This is the way Alabama used to beat teams, and it’s the way Nick Saban wants to get back to winning games before his career ends, whenever that happens to be.

For all Saban’s talk about explosive plays and balance, he seems his happiest when he has a team capable of roughing up the opposition. Saban may be the architect of modern college football defense, but he not-so-secretly prefers neanderthal application of those principles. He is less “Shakespeare In Love,” and far more “Roadhouse” in his outlook.


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Feb 12, 2001
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On target...we watched the same game. I was very surprised and grateful at the play of Campbell and Blackshire in replacing Lawson. OM is not an easy offense to read. and they did it well.


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Nov 25, 2010
I agree completely that we should have been running the QB sneak from inside the two with a 1st down. We have seen that play move the line two to three yards into the end zone on two different occasions when Simpson was under center (run da ball). The linebacker position has been amazing this year and it is great to see our defensive backs running in stride with receivers.
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Dec 7, 2001
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Good analysis as always. Running the shotgun from the 1 was the dumbest call of the day. I think Burton made a very good catch on the deep throw to start the second half and then followed it with a holding call. I was sitting in the EZ and you could see some receivers open a sec or two before Milroe saw them. if he can get his decision making, vision and anticipation improved he will be a pretty good QB. The quick outs were good to get his confidence up and move the chains.


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Dec 3, 2019
Definitely need to be under center in short yardage especially with our snapping problems. Watching our oline we are not
great 1 on 1 blockers. Someone always breaks down. When
running the ball we need to run behind double teams or
pull people to get more people at the point of attack. Get away from zone blocking and use more schemes.


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May 7, 2010
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In lieu of starting a Jalen Milroe appreciation thread, I'll just say this:

His number of mistakes weren't out of proportion with mistakes being made by the rest of the team. He also made big plays that were absolutely crucial to the victory.

If he can maintain that ratio or even improve upon it, we have more desperate areas than QB we need to improve upon if we're going to contend for anything.
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