Oregon Lawmakers Going Big with New Sports Bill in Legislature


Bamanation Citizen
Dec 5, 2019
Just read in Tuscaloosa News an article about Alabama legislature trying to revise a bill to ease NIL law passed last July. Hope they allow what other states are in order to not tie CNS hands in recruiting. This Pandora’s Box is getting exponentially larger.
I skimmed it and it seems to just be a law to allow Oregon student athletes to collect royalties from having athletic wear with their name on it. IDK if this signifies that the Phil Knight kraken has been released.
The next time the kraken gets released will be the first time the kraken gets released…
Meh, people have been saying that for decades. College football is better than ever.
One can debate either side of that, but it’s a reasonable position.

If giving student athletes more individual freedom from an ivory tower central authority somehow ruins the sport, then it was being preserved at the expense of liberty; so bring on the “ruin;” but I don’t feel any less excited about college football than I did two years ago…
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