News Article: PARTY III: THE LSU Alabama tidefans meet up


Aug 14, 2012
You don't have to pay, there's no cost of admission.

To send money use the app linked here ( and my user name is $wtfjr1

UPDATED 21 OCTOBER (basically the future)

Ok, so I'm holding off on the final food orders. I need to get input from those attending for numbers. Remember, the tent will be there ALL DAY from about 7-8ish in the morning. We'll have a TV playing college football all day long and for those of you that didn't buy a ticket, then you can hang out with my lovely wife T-bone and watch the game with her in the tent. I'm also waiting for CBS to announce the time of the game, because I have to choose the delivery time of the food ranging from 2-5 hours before kickoff.

I don't want to pick 2 hours before kickoff and then they announce a 6pm kickoff nor do I want to ask for a 5 hour prior delivery for a 2pm kickoff. You can see the problem. So until they announce, I'm standing by on the food order, which will consist of

-Smoked chicken wings
-BBQ pork sliders
-Riblets (bit size ribs in bbq sauce)
-Chick-fill-a nuggets for snacking

Looking for volunteers for any additional yada yadas such as beans, sweets, mac, whatever you want to bring.

If you haven't already please respond to this thread with the number in your party. All are welcome, the more the merrier. You don't have to pay, there's no cost of admission. If you want to pitch in, that's fine. We'd love to have everyone that's here on the forums swing by for a meet and greet and hopefully a good game!

Old update 16 SEPT:


We now have a spot at Presidential Park. I'll be putting out a map and diagram to the exact location once I've selected it. At this point, lets start getting the numbers together so that I can plan/ schedule catering appropriately.

=================OLD INFORMATION BELOW======================
So we're doing the LSU game. Here's some things to think about.....

1. Game tickets for LSU will probably be some of the highest of the season. As such, save up-plan accordingly, etc.

2. A message from the tailgate company:

Yes, if we have a night game, your tailgate will still be available from 7AM until about 1.5 hours after the game ends. I attached the catering menus for you to look over.

If both teams are undefeated, there's about no way CBS doesn't play the game and it's not a primetime game. That means the tidefans meet up could start as early as desired (0700) and last until 1.5 hours after the games over. And based on CBS Primetime college football games means.......3 a.m.

Provided will be:
Reserved location
20’x 20’ tent
DISH Media Package
12 tailgate chairs
Three 6’ tables with linens

The cost for the tailgating spot with everything above is $2100. I'll be purchasing the main items (bbq, wings, etc) but thought it could help alleviate total cost if people would be willing to bring sides (beans, desserts, cornbread, etc). If you did bring a side, I recommend you bring it in disposable cookout trays/tins/bowls. That way the "workload" for cleanup and recovery are greatly reduced.

We can use this thread for two reasons: please only respond if you're coming and if so.....
1) how many in your party
2) what (if anything) would you be willing to bring?

So official list of needed items (I'll update with specifics as perils volunteer info:

Sides (more than one person can make the same thing. Depending on total number attending we may need more of this than that.)

My understanding is that plates, cutlery, and serving items will be included but if not, I'll follow upwith the information here.

If you're interested in donating to the cause you can send money via cashapp. I'll update this post within the next 48 hours with (a link to download the app ) account info. It cost nothing for you to transfer and I'll publish receipts and account information at the end of the event so people know exactly where the money went.

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