Pick the score: Alabama vs. Texas A&M


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Feb 13, 2017
Watched last years game and we had some issues controlling Mond. OK it was their field and we did not have Tua but I see a closer game than the big blowouts of the first three. I see Alabama winning 35-24. Hopefully we escape with no injuries.

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Feb 4, 2018
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Nothing too big tbh. They are just very confident that we are over confident. We haven't played anyone. Basically what you would expect. No way do we put up 50 points kinda stuff.

There were a few guys who were much more negative about aTm too who tended to respond with things like "can you blame them?" and such. None of them really seem to think they will win but the majority definitely thinks we at TideFans are seriously underestimating them.
Similar to what I am hearing....... Bama hasn’t played anyone, Bamas defense isn’t as good as A&Ms, the offense isn’t as good as we think it is....... I don’t think Bama will take them lightly, but I think it’s a close game for awhile


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Jan 9, 2014
I hope the defense goes out with a chip on their shoulder and play with the focus to shut them out period.


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Oct 14, 2009
SIAP, but I see this thread has made the TexAgs board. They're mostly terribly offended because they believe that the book-makers are completely wrong about the spread... :D
Sometimes the bookies are wrong - but not very often. Last I saw spread was 27; even if Bama wins by 14, bookies are still way off.
Upsets happen. However, Bama’s offense >>>>>>>Clemson’s offense, as they have a very weak running game, and Bama’s secondary >>>Clemson’s secondary.
Bama 49
Texas wannabes 14 [emoji41]

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