**Pick the Score** SECCG - Bama vs UGA


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Aug 16, 2017
You stated your opinion on a 'pick the score' thread - which is typically people suggesting what they think - then you start posting wanting an explanation as to why anyone believes Bama could "score 20 - 40 on UGA?!?!" as if it's some sort of impossibility, when fifteenessee scored 17 against them...

We get it, you don't think Bama can score much on the big scary dawg defense. Maybe you're right.
You have really overtoasted my biscuit on this one....if Tenn scored 17 and we don't score more, does that mean Tenn > Bama????


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Dec 2, 2006
Jennings, FL
I always think Alabama will win, so I think we will this game too. CNS is always in Kirby's head, even more so I think this time. I saw a post saying Kirby has to win. Thats a bad place to be. That helps keep Kirby on edge and maybe he makes some mistakes. We have the defense to play with them. If we get a little good fortune and Bryce hits a couple of TD's early and maybe we get a turnover, maybe a pick six, I think we get them upset and off their game. So yea, I think we have a better than even chance. The real question in my mind is, "how much of a beating is needed to knock them out of the playoffs?" we put together our best complete game including improved play calling.
42-13 Bama wins big and surprises everyone. Roll Tide!!


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Dec 13, 2009
Please take your Crimson colored glasses off and be realistic. I hope to God Bama wins as a 35 year Bama fan. But, i know a generational defense when I see it so just stop. Unfortunately UGA 31 Bama 20. Please let me be wrong and Bama wins.

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