Link: Pig heart successfully transplanted to a human


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Oct 1, 2011
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He’s lived three days so far with a heart from a pig genetically bred to have it’s organs harvested. Very promising
From your linked article:
Dave Bennett, 57, agreed to be the first to risk the experimental surgery, hoping it would give him a shot at making it home to his Maryland duplex and his beloved dog, Lucky.

Sounds like a good guy....hope it works out. Freaking amazing stuff.......[/QUOTE]


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Oct 19, 2001
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The man who received the world's first pig heart transplant once stabbed a man seven times leaving him paralyzed, his victim's family have revealed.

David Bennett, 57, was convicted of the 1988 bar stabbing of Edward Shumaker, his sister told BBC's Today programme.

Leslie Shumaker Downey said that her brother died in 2007 after almost two decades of medical complications linked to the attack.

She said Mr Bennett is an unworthy recipient of the pioneering surgery.

The attack took place in April 1988 when Mr Bennett's wife sat on the lap of Mr Shumaker, who was 22, Ms Downey said.

In an apparent jealous rage, Mr Bennett stabbed Mr Shumaker in the back repeatedly.

Mr Bennett was found guilty of battery and carrying a concealed weapon and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Ms Downey said nobody had contacted her about Mr Bennett receiving the pig heart, and only heard the news when her daughter messaged her.

"My second daughter sent me an instant message and said: 'Mum, this is the man who stabbed uncle Ed.' I then read the story and got angry because he had received the heart," she said.


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Jul 23, 2004

Well damn. Sort of mysterious as to the CoD, but I imagine all innovations have their tough moments. The man got a few more months than he would’ve, I hope he used them to express his love and get right with his family.
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