Prayer request for my sister & my family

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Feb 6, 2001
I am an off & on long time poster, but one thing that has been constant, I tend to gravitate to the board during difficult times, both for comfort and distraction.

This week, my youngest sister and I will be taking my 89 year old Mother to say goodbye to my middle sister, brain cancer is taking her. Hospice has been called in. My older brother, and my older sister have already died from the same thing.

My Mother uses an oxygen tank, the trip will be very hard on her. She now will be burying her third child. She has serious heart problems, I worry the trip might do her in too.

So once again, I am baring my soul to the people I've been familiar with all these years. You give me comfort. I'm so rattled it's a wonder I can put a sentence together.

Your prayers would be much appreciated.


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Dec 11, 2002
May God give you and your family strength and comfort during this difficult season of life.

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