Prayers for my family.


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Dec 30, 2012
We just found out that I am going to be deployed the first of 2014. I am not deploying with my unit, I was pulled to another unit. This is not my first deployment, so I know what to expect, however this is the first one since I have had a family. My wife and kids will have a tough time dealing with this.We are not going to tell the kids until the last minute so they don't spend the whole prep time worrying, not sure that they are old enough to understand anyway. Just pray for God's abundant grace, strength and protection for my family. Thank you guys so much! Steven


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Dec 3, 2003
Falling Water, TN
Prayers to you and our family. Thank you for your service. My grandson is set to be deployed to Afghanistan for his second tour this fall. I have to admit I am more concerned this time around with the draw down and continued killing of our soldiers by Afghanis dressed as police or soldiers

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