Prayers for the family of Micheal Westbrook, SE Texas music educator & musician


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Dec 6, 2009
Allen, Texas
Micheal Westbrook, 54, was a music educator and musician, in the SE Texas area. Over the course of his career, of his many accomplishments, he was an music educator in 3 different school districts, in that area.

Mrs. C's daughter and son-in-law both knew and worked with him, going back to their undergrad days at Lamar University. His sudden passing has hit them very hard, as it has to numerous members of the SE Texas music community, including the many students he has educated, over the years.

Alex Wells, who is the current band director at Port-Neches Groves said he has known Westbrook since he was in college.
“As a teacher it is our hope that we impact kids’ lives, and I know he has,” Wells said. “He has taught at Lumberton, Hardin-Jefferson and PN-G — he has impacted lives all over Southeast Texas.”

Wells said the case makes the global pandemic much more real for him and the community.
“Before I saw it really as an inconvenience, and now it hits home,” he said. “You don’t just see it on the news anymore, it is now part of your life.”
Micheal leaves behind a wife and three children. Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

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