Q: How do you get a Michigan cheerleader into your dorm room?


Bamanation Citizen
Dec 6, 2015
Beast Lansing
A: Grease her hips and push
Q: Why is ice no longer available at Michigan football games? A: The senior who knew the recipe graduated.
Q: What are the longest 3 years of a Michigan football player's life? A: His freshman year.
Q: Why did Michigan replace the stadium grass with Astroturf? A: To keep the cheerleaders from grazing during games.
Q: How do you get a Michigan graduate off your front porch? A: Pay him for the pizza
Q: What does the average University of Michigan football player get on his S.A.T.? A: Drool.
Q: Why are there no Nativity scenes on the Michigan University campus at Christmas? A: Because they can't find three wise men and a virgin

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