Rose Bowl - Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Utah Yutes (5pm ET ESPN)


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Mar 31, 2000
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I think the weather angle is a valid one for the Ohio St Michigan game. People have said well Michigan had to play in the same weather. Well yeah and they adjusted to it better than OSU did. Not an excuse, just an explanation. If your offense is so dependent on the pass, timing routes, then windy snowy weather is going to throw you off. If you’re a conservative offense based upon the run, you’re going to adapt.

In other words, Michigan caught a break with the weather. On a clear, calm day, they might still have beaten Ohio State. But I’d wager the Buckeyes offense would have been more effective.
Is it somewhat reasonable? Yeah, up to a point.

Stroud was a 71.9% passer on the year, he was 69.3% in that game, I guess we can argue how significant those relatively close numbers are (because sometimes, yes, it IS a game of inches).

Michigan had only 29 more yards of total offense.

What killed OSU most in that game was getting flagged for 10 penalties for 66 yards.

I won't go with "Michigan was so obviously superior to Ohio State" because I actually thought OSU was the better team (and still do). I just cringe a bit at what amounts to, "Well, if it hadn't been snowing, we'd have won the game."

I'll agree OSU's offense PROBABLY would have been more effective - but I'd also point out the offense wasn't the ones who gave up 42 points or let Michigan convert 5 of 8 on third downs, either.

I thought a bigger issue even than the weather was the Michigan crowd really seemed to be into the game more than I've seen in awhile COMBINED with the weather. And Ohio St never was able to get the momentum swing that took the crowd out of the game.

Indeed - Michigan WAS a lot like Auburn that day with an emotional home crowd.

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