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Sep 9, 2002
“Now, we were playing with guys that typically didn’t have to play at those positions. The lesson to be learned is there were 3 guys, and I’m not calling out any names, that basically didn’t do the things they needed to do throughout the season because they were frustrated with their circumstance. … They’re frustrated with their circumstance because they’re not playing as much as they want to. They’re outcome oriented, they want to worry about how many balls they catch or how much playing time they get or whatever it is. So they don’t focus every day on being a complete player at their position, and they don’t work in practice and prepare for the games because they say to themselves, ‘Why should I do this? I’m not gonna play anyway.’

“So, we had 3 guys, they all had a significant role in the national championship game, and not 1 of them, not 1, could take advantage of the opportunity that they had, because they never ground through it. They never made themselves the best player they could be. When they got the opportunity, they couldn’t do it. That’s a lesson for everybody. What comes first? Playing time? Or making sure that you’re ready to play and create value for yourself when you get the opportunity?”


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From the same speech, at the Alabama Football Coaches Association this week, Saban cited Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III, a former Alabama star, and his drunk driving incident that left a woman dead. He explained that if Ruggs had stronger leaders around him, perhaps tragedy could have been averted:

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Jul 23, 2004
Zero lies detected. That was unusually blunt even for Saban. What was all that about a kinder, gentler Nick?

Hope the players in question get the message and are already preparing to light it up…
Well, the kidd glove approach through the season is over. No more homesick, nut up and show up time, because your potential replacement is on his way and he might get the message before you do.
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Nov 10, 2021
I wasnt at practice.And neither was anyone else on here that I know of. I admire,in this day and age,CNS calling certain players out. NOT for game production.But taking the time and having the pride to do the things to be prepared to help their team be successful.

3 questions:

1) What kind of motivator and Coach is Wiggins?

2) What players dictated the Clubhouse and let these young men act a certain way on a daily basis?

3) And what about going forward?

I mean this isnt any kind of surprise. Fans like myself of course knew there were issues with the WR and TE rooms.And we know he had to be talking about Agiye,Holden,and Billingsley. I am fairly confident about that.Maybe Brooks and JoJo...I hope not...I like Brooks. Not crazy about his abilities.But I like him.And JOJO and Agiye are really talented young men.Hope Coach can light a fire under their ass,but in reality there would be a MUCH better chance that teammates who do all the things right would have a much better chance of doing that.


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Nov 10, 2021
Yes, he is, but I could not understand why he played much at all this year. I kept thinking to myself that Coach Saban must have felt there was no other feasible option. I'd rather have a 3 star who busts his tail than a 5 star who loafs.
I will NEVER understand this circumstance...Ever...Why was he put out there?
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As for the one in particular who was so obviously lolly gagging in the NC game, yet played the whole game, and why didn't Coach Saban play someone else...

That was probably CNS's last ditch effort to save the kid. You might say why would he jeopardize the NC game like that? Well, as everyone should know by now, Coach Saban is process-oriented, not results-oriented. As bizarre as it sounds, I would bet he was more interested in reaching that kid (as he is everyone on the team) than actually winning the game.


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Aug 8, 2011
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It boils down to this: JB was playing versus UGA because he was what CNS had. Major Tennison rarely, if ever, saw the field after the Miami game. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Randolph, for all intents and purposes, is a tackle used as tight end in the run game. Cam Latu was doing about all we could ask him to do. Robbie Outz had a ankle injury and was out.

When it comes to attitude and effort, I’m a “I’d rather lose without ya than win with ya” kind of guy. I don’t like the notion of rewarding someone with a crappy attitude with playing time. Then again, I’m not CNS and getting the big bucks to win football games.

I’ll go back to what I said back in September. When we started seeing Saban trying to get two TRUE SOPHOMORES (Bryce and Will) to be the vocal leaders on your team, you’ve got a problem. In 2020, you had Mac, Najee, Smitty, Waddle, and Dickerson. These guys were leadership vocally and by example - “trust the process”.

Upper classmen like Ekiyor, Neal, Mathis, and Robinson didn’t seem to have strong enough personalities to get the others to “buy in”. Coaches can only do so much. The most successful teams we’ve had in the CNS era had that synergistic aspect: the players “come together”, cohesive and united, to produce a product greater than the sum of its parts.

Leadership will be on Bryce and Will again next year. But they can’t do it alone. We need about three or four more guys step up and bring the rest of this 2022 team to the reality there is “a great big world out there beyond your own nose”.
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