Scott Frost is the 2nd biggest crybaby and hypocrite in college football


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
But as far as Saban and Nebraska… He could turn them around, but it’s probably a 4-8 year process. But why would he want to when Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Texas have a limitless supply of great instate talent and are more serious about winning?
Could Saban "win" at Nebraska, yes.

Could he theoretically win a national title, yes.

But he's not even going to approach the run he's done at Alabama. Nope, not even him.

Not to dismiss any of his success here, but his run of success has coincided with:
- the dumpster fire hires of Florida
- Tennessee's kamikaze mission
- LSU's frat house follies

Yes, I'm willing to grant he either caused or contributed to some of those. But the teams up are partly up because of who is down, too. Mississippi State's late 90s success was largely due to both us and Ole Miss being on probation, Vandy and Kentucky being next-level awful, Arkansas being bipolar, and Auburn being, well, "Days of Our Lives." MSU from 1997-2000 went on a really good run, but they went there largely based on the fact they were stable while the entire rest of the SEC West was in turmoil.

The moment Auburn got stable for awhile and LSU, too, Miss State suddenly ceased to matter.

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