SEC Media picks BAMA to win it again

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Sep 19, 2003
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I love Media days: Every team (all 130) have met their needs in recruiting. Every team (all 130) have players who are working hard to improve. Every team (all 130) have bought in to the system. More importantly, every team is undefeated and excited to prove themselves.
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Nov 27, 2017
Auburn’s new football coach raising alarms
A butter sandwich is more interesting than Bryan Harsin, and probably healthier, too.

Could be wrong about this, and hopefully I am wrong about this, but it’s probably not the greatest sign of things to come from Auburn’s new football coach that the most memorable thing he said on Thursday at his first SEC Media Days was that vaccines are a personal choice, and he’s not encouraging anyone to get one.
This isn’t Idaho, pal. You’re not just a football coach here, so please don’t ever say or think that you’re just a football coach. That’s not reality.

Anyone who “no comments” a question about the COVID-19 vaccine from Harsin’s lofty position is either hiding something or out of touch and, at the very least, should not be around large groups of people without a mask. Did Harsin go to SEC Media Days unvaccinated while not wearing a mask? The SEC clearly stated before the event that anyone without the vaccine had to wear a mask inside The Wynfrey Hotel.
If Harsin isn’t vaccinated, then was he tested for COVID-19 before being allowed to walk into a closed space with thousands of people and yammer on about how the SEC “really does just mean more”? The SEC’s slogan has been widely dead-panned for years, but Harsin repeated it so much at SEC Media Days that I wouldn’t be surprised if he had it tattooed on his lower back.

The SEC wants teams to reach an 80 percent threshold for vaccinations before the season so games aren’t canceled and the 2021 season isn’t disrupted. Auburn’s football team, according to Harsin, is around 60 percent. Misinformation and lack of communication about the vaccine is a crisis for not only the SEC, but the SWAC as well. Alabama State coach Donald Hill-Eley said earlier this week that his team was about 30 percent vaccinated.

Hill-Eley begs his players daily to get vaccinated, but Auburn’s coach won’t even discuss it with his team? That’s more than discouraging. That’s unacceptable.

“We’re making sure that they understand from our medical staff the pros and cons,” Harsin said.

OK, from the top, I want to know what “medical staff” person at Auburn is telling Auburn’s football players about “cons” of the vaccine because that person should be fired today.

Sure, it’s a “personal decision” to get vaccinated. More than that, though, it’s a selfish decision not to be. Alabama’s football team, according to Saban, is around 90 percent vaccinated. If you’re in the military, it’s not even a choice. Know why? Because it’s a threat to the success of a team.

There is so much to like about this Auburn football team, but Auburn’s new coach, as the previous one might have said, “needs to get butter.”