SEC unanimously votes to extend membership invitations to Texas, Oklahoma


TideFans Legend
Jun 9, 2009
Beautiful Cullman, AL
Not gonna happen. Dude is going down kicking and screaming. He is, after all, overseeing the destruction of the entity he was hired to protect.
It’s actually quite sad to watch. This is a very public meltdown of a man. His best course of action would have been doing everything he could to secure landing spots for his teams. Now, no one is going to touch them with a 39.5 foot pole.


Hall of Fame
Jul 26, 2003
Gadsden, AL
Georgia Tech and Clemson are going out...the problem for the lower schools is that they will have a harder time becoming bowl eligible, particularly if they go to 10 SEC games.
Fine by me. Total number of bowls needs to contract/shrink anyway. We have way too many of them. They need to once again be rewards for an outstanding season instead of participation trophies.

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