So what is the play at the end of the iron bowl going to be known as?


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Apr 26, 2008
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I have never been a fan of nicknames for games. Seems like a very auburn thing to do.
Well in all rivalries there are these names for all big moments for both sides. I mean “the kick”, “run in the mud”, and “315” are more obvious nicknames for the Alabama side but most of the other wins are manufactured names to generate money for paintings and t shirts. Auburn is far better at marketing big moments than we are, and the fact that we are still arguing about a name more than 24 hrs kinda shows it.


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Sep 9, 2002
Then Milroe said that he had no idea what the play was called. When told what Bond said, Milroe said that he still wasn't sure.

Not sure if the play has a name. But it certainly has a place in my heart.
IIRC Saban also called it 'gravedigger' in the postgame interview.
Sep 30, 2002
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"Grave Digger" may be the name of the play as known internally, but what we're looking for here isn't really the name of the play, but a name for the event.

I doubt that "Kick Six" was a designed and named play by Auburn back in 2013, and I'm sure "Rocky Block" wasn't an internal play name for us in 2009.

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