So Who Are Some of Your Favorites From This Year's Team...


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Sep 18, 2002
GREAT Thread! :) Man, I have a list but you are right, love all of these kids. That said, I will choose one - BRob. Tuscaloosa native, waited his turn, good student, better person...heart and soul of this team for me. I will follow his career for the rest of my days. Well done Brian!


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Jul 4, 2011
Will " The Terminator" Anderson
He reminds me of Lawrence Taylor when he was with the NFL Giants having a HOF career as a disruptive force off the edge.

Bryce Young is also right up there, so smooth, so calm, and has such a good, strong arm considering he's probably 5'11" 195 pounds at best and needs to develop more physically.
He's a Heisman type guy right now, but how good will he be next year after maturing some and growing a bit?


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Mar 19, 2004
Birmingham, Alabama
I’m pleased with Hellams. Becoming one of my favorites. Always loved Battle and Branch is quickly becoming a beast.
Hellams has been improving and I was really impressed by his play against UGA. It would have been a very different game against UGA without the two big plays Hellams made on consecutive defensive possessions. He had an INT followed by the PBU on the attempted pass to Bowers in the back of the end zone. UGA had the opportunity to get back in the game and Hellams made sure that didn't happen. The way he ripped the ball away from Bowers reminded me of the play Ronnie Harrison made against Clemson in 2015.


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Jun 7, 2021
Bryce Young - I want him to be thought of as the best college and pro QB ever.

All the wideouts stepping up in Metchie III’s place.

BRob and Trey Sanders for reasons already mentioned.

DeMarcco Hellams because he’s from DC (I used to live there). It was cool to see him pick off a pass with UGA threatening to score.

Will Reichard - kickers are always under intense pressure.

Paul Tyson - we know his family’s legacy. I hope he will get some snaps in the next 2 playoff games while we have huge 4th quarter leads!

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