Some Recruiting Trends thus far:


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Jul 9, 2010
Inverness, AL
Florida is loaded, but they’re losing a lot of battles on their top targets right now. UGA, FSU, Miami and even AU are effectively beating them for those kids. Then you have guys leaving the state for Penn State, USCw, Oregon etc.

I think a lot of it is recruits taking a wait and see approach. There’s no denying the UF brand has taken a hit since Meyer left. Even then, I think this class will be fine if they put a quality product on the field this year, but if they have a rough one, this could be a much lower rated class than UF fans should expect.
Nobody has singed anything yet so I will wait until early February to see how many battles they lost. Mullen is really well respected and he is having to re-build some of those old relationships in the state.