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Apr 9, 1999
This forum exists for TIDEFANS members to post their own items for sale.

NOTE: Bama tickets should be posted in the Ticket Swap forum! (including its moderators, admins, and owners) will not become a mediator of any transaction gone bad. We will not be held responsible for any transaction that takes place via this board. Deal at your own risk. Post at your own risk. Transact at your own risk. You ALONE are responsible. Act responsibly.

You have been warned and by doing any deal, you acknowledge these warnings.

This forum will be loosely moderated for content ONLY.

HOWEVER, any links or inserted photos to anything other than legitimate stuff for sale by the member will subject the member to a permanent ban from the site. Spammers will be booted immediately.

What we're looking for here is your own announcement of virtual garage sale type notices. Ebay vendors are NOT welcome except for single items. This means if you frequently list a bunch of things on ebay, you are not permitted to post those items in this forum.

The ability of this board to remain open depends entirely upon the members posting here.

Suggestion: Don't put your phone number or email in here. Just have members PM you via the TideFans private messaging system.
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Nov 27, 2011
hi, lawleyr here. i've not been on here before, so if i don't do it correctly, please let me know!

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