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Jul 9, 2010
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It's not just how the Vols compare to UGA in this recruiting cycle, as we all compete for the same players, particularly 5*'s.

By some of the comments here and other boards, there's a perception of the Vols moving up the SEC East leader board in the future. My response was designed to simply point out the overall quality of their current class, which is actually lagging others, even though they're currently ranked #3. Pruitt will have a tough time catching Florida and Georgia with a roster full of 3*'s and a sprinkle of 5*'s.
He is right. While they have two 5* commits out of their 21 commits, 12 of them are 3*'s and their average star rating is a 89. We typically sign two to three 3*'s per class and our average star rating over the past decade is 93-94+ range. Our current class is at 94.29 star rating. Butch Jones signed several 5* guys also but you have to get more quality over the entire class than what this class is reflecting to make a big jump in the standings. As I said before UT will end up at #6-7 in the SEC rankings.


Jan 9, 2014
I remember this class the Vols had under HC Joey Freshwater that people were all stirred up about too:

At one point, 2 of the running backs in this class were 5 stars, Oku ended up falling in the rankings by season end. Recruiting classes like these happen. As always, its what CJP does with them on the field that matters the most. And as long as Bama keeps beating the breaks off of them, I personally don't care what they do lol.

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