Mar 12, 2012
I believe we win but as some have stated we should have blown them out last year. This can be a trap game if our team reads all the headlines saying Texas A&M doesn’t stand a chance and all Alabama has to do is show up. I’d have this game playing all week for the freshman to see who didn’t experience the pain of losing last year.

Like him or not Jimbo can scheme up a defense if we aren’t prepared. This is when we need our leaders to set the tone in practice the most.


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Nov 15, 2009
Here's some context of what we're dealing with as we're facing TAMU next:
Rushing Offense:
7. Alabama 251.8
97. Texas A&M 130.2

Rushing defense
11 Alabama 87.4
97. Texas A&M 170.2

Passing defense
4. Alabama 149.0
32. Texas A&M 188.4

Passing offense
37. Alabama 273.6
101. Texas A&M 205.4

Scoring Offense:
4. Alabama 48.4
108. Texas A&M 21.8

Total Defense:

5. Alabama 236.4

57. Texas A&M 358.6

If you look at it, and go by what you see, I think we will see the game plan of running the ball little more than usual against TAMU, no matter who starts this weekend. If we can get up to 21-0 before halftime, then we can really control the TOP going forward, not giving TAMU lot of opportunities.

If you look at TAMU QBs stats, you'll see lot of similar stats. Max Johnson protects the ball better than Haynes King, but bottom line, They're not going to go crazy against Bama. This game could get ugly fast knowing how things unfolded in recent months, I think Bama is focused and zeroing in on TAMU and they're doing whatever it takes to destroy their confidence.

Remember what saban said last year after the game against TAMU: " Here is what Saban said: -- Saban called the loss disappointed but “everybody needs to remember how they feel, and not forget it. "

Good numbers by our offense and O'Brien..
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Jan 8, 2003
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As others have stated, I believe the primary reason A&M's season has gone so badly is because they spend half their time practicing for Alabama instead of their weekly opponent, something I'm certain Auburn and LSU are both doing as well. I actually think UT's coach might actually be coaching his team correctly, but I could be wrong. We shall see. So at first glance I expect A&M to play their best game of the year, but the Young injury is both a blessing and a curse because now they have no clue what offense they are going to see.

My guess is if Milro starts they will put 10 in the box and make him throw. I just hope Young gets back soon because he and the receivers were JUST getting in sync.


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Nov 5, 2012
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This was suppose to be one of the biggest games of the year. it’s kinda fizzled With The aggies at 3-2, should be 2-3. And especially now with he Bryce injury. I bet CBS would love to have that night slot back. Anyway, I noticed the line dropped from 23.5 to 14.5, I guess due to the Young injury. To add to the Aggie clown show after the Clanga disaster a fan put this on Jimbo’s wiki page-

View attachment 29018

the fine print?
at Texas A&M, Fisher has become a raging Narcissist that can’t admit when he is wrong about something
If not for Mr. Crablegs, he wouldn't be a well sought-after HC. He's done very little since Jameis. Everyone knew it before he got hired at A&M. Now, I guess A&M has taken the blinders off.
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Nov 5, 2012
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I kind of hope not, I think we take care of the Aggies without him. Also, Bryce needs to learn to give up on a play. Something Tua struggled with and still does.
Seems that the all-time greats don't lose that competitive edge, can still make out of this world plays and be super-intelligent regarding giving up on a play when they need to.

I could see Bryce doing this down the road. So far, no other defender has hurt him though. He's sturdy and can take SEC-size hits.


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Jul 31, 2001
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Keep in mind - aTm has been preparing for this game since summer camp. Beat Alabama and all other sins are forgiven
Yes, it is the same scenario as last year. They looked very average and had a few losses and were heavy underdogs against us. They played their best game of the year while we slopped around here and there. They pulled out a victory. It could happen again, but I hope we just stomp a mudhole in them and finish them off early. Roll Tide!


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Dec 4, 2018
I just remember last year not worrying about them because how awful Calzada looked at QB in the games leading up to our game. I think we all know how that turned out. That said, we beat them badly this go around because we have that revenge motivation on our side.


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Nov 5, 2012
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Last year we dropped a game against TAMU because of terrible playcalling by BOB. We moved the ball well, but we couldn't finish. Defense couldn't get any stops. This year they will emphasize getting off on field. Make them pay.
I expect for our D to stop them though with Achane they will probably get at least 2 TDs just because of him. I expect to win a 24-14 type of game. But if A&M just mails it in, we beat them something ... I don't know ... like 59-0 and that hopefully will be Jimbo's death knell at A&M.


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Apr 1, 2004
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Irony is that two of the better passing quarterbacks we’ve had were hurt on plays that our toughest quarterback (Jalen Hurts) would’ve already thrown the ball away.
I know it's pounded into our starters' heads not to take sacks when they can throw it away. But with Tua and now BY, they both are always looking down the field for possible targets when they scramble. When it works out, it's great, but it brings these types of situations into play. On Sat., BY was looking downfield and not until he got tackled did he try to throw it away.

It's a doubled-edged sword that usually works out, but sometimes backfires.

Now, Jalen hurts would have probably broken that tackle and gained 10 more yards. That's what he does!

Keep in mind - aTm has been preparing for this game since summer camp. Beat Alabama and all other sins are forgiven
I know we've got some extra motivation in this game too.

We may just blow them out no matter who plays QB (it's what my heart hopes for), but the logical side of me thinks TAMU shows up looking like the team everybody thought they'd be this year and they'll give us all we want and then some.

It's why I hope BY plays (if he's able) and it's why I fear a very safe, vanilla game plan if JM has to play.

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