The Beast vs. The Mountain boxing match postponed


Dec 4, 2018
And they are much smaller now than when competing in strongman.

Eddie Hall, WSM 2017. WR Deadlift 500kg
Hafthor Bjornsson, WSM 2081. *WR Deadlift 501 kg.

Eddie's was done in competition.. Hafthor's during Covid in his home gym as part of the World's Ultimate Strongman Feats of Strength series. There's a lot of debate about the realj record, given that it was outside of a normal competition environment. While I am no Hafthor fan, I will freely admit that his 501kg pull looked stronger, and took less out of him, than Eddie's 500kg pull.

Eddie Hall, 500 kg deadlift

Hafthor Bjornsson, 501 kg deadlift

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