The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…. Vol style:

Bama Lee

Oct 13, 1999
Dallas, TX
The Good- BY, B-Rob, Jameson, Metchie, Anderson, Harris all played out of their minds (Reichard too). And I will give kudos to Golding tonight.

The Bad- play calling was horrendous by BOB on offense. Offensive line play struggled throughout.

The Ugly- lack of focus in secondary making this a much closer game than it ever should have been


TideFans Legend
Jun 9, 2009
Beautiful Cullman, AL
Good - Leadership from guys like Metchie, BRob, and Bryce on offense. Anderson, Mathis, and To'o To'o on defense. Bryce's running. It actually turned several stalled drives around.

Bad - Lapses in focus, especially by the secondary. It was the only reason UT had anything at all tonight. Otherwise, we dominated. Lapses by the OL. Somehow, despite all of that we had nearly 600 yards of offense. We're scoring nearly 50 ppg. It makes no sense except we've just got that much talent.

Ugly - Orange. It's always the orange.


Sep 1, 2009
River Ridge, LA
Good 1: BAMA offense was, for the most part, able to control the game. Not perfect, but good job.

Good 2: BAMA defense forcing a field goal after the blocked punt. A Tennessee TD there would have given them more life.

Bad: Mental lapses in the defensive secondary. Take away those and this game is over a lot earlier.

Ugly: UT - ugly now, and ugly forever
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Good: Mr. Young continues to grow and he will nothing short of astonishing by season's end. Also, the defense was lights out on 3rd downs. The key to this win is that the Bama D got off the field on 3rd down and Tennarsay's didn't.

Bad: Offensive playcalling is contrived and predictable. Everyone knows what O'Brien has dailed up and the only reason we hung 52 is that our Jimmy's and Joe's were better'n theirs.

Ugly: It's a 60-minute game. Not 50. Not 55. Not even 58:15. Our guys STILL don't get that. Punt block. 70+ yard bomb. Both 1st Quarter TD's. Taking plays off is not gonna win rings.


1st Team
Nov 11, 2017
good: BY ran and changed the game on multiple occasions
Bad - secondary on blown coverage and BoB play calling in the 3rd
Ugly - inconsistency and DC/OC's lack of effective use of the talent we have
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Oct 8, 2018
Jackson Tn
Good: By, my Braves won
Bad: Ol play at times, secondary, AUBURN didn't play and lose
Ugly: Orange, best those snitches in orange britches rtr

Ole Man Dan

Hall of Fame
Apr 21, 2008
Gadsden, Al.
GOOD.......... Bryce Young had some great passes, and great runs.
BAD........... The QB that UT said was injured, played the whole game.
UGLY.......... We had very predictable Offensive Plays, and our Defense didn't play till the 4th quarter.

I saw nothing in this game to keep me from replacing O'Brien and Golding. (Aren't you glad I'm not calling the shots)

Moro Creek

Jan 21, 2014
Equine country
Good....Bryce Young is a great player. He can win a lot of games the way he handles things. Best QB in the nation.
Bad....keep it to myself.
Ugly...Keep it to myself.


1st Team
Oct 18, 2011
G- WRs both getting 100 yards; Bryce Young in general; B-Rob; DL play
B- WR drops; BY sometimes taking too long; OL run blocking;
U- Special teams miscues; and blow safety coverages that lead to TDs for Tennessee.


Oct 2, 2020
Pace, FL (from Andalusia)
Great - 15 in a row
Good - Offensive output, front seven play on defense, scoring over half a hundred
Bad - Drops, sloppy defensive play, the fact that I had to watch the game on a cell phone,
Ugly - Aubren and orange

4Q Basket Case

FB|BB Moderator
Nov 8, 2004
Great I — Bryce Young. He made plays when we needed them, and even with three big drops of perfect passes, still had eye-popping numbers. Provided serenity when we needed it, and made some great plays with his legs. I like the yardage, but don’t like him taking the hits.

Great II — The crowd, especially the student section. Loud, clearly affected UTe’s O…..they must have had a half-dozen false starts.

Good — When the defense wasn’t busy giving up highly explosive plays, it played well.* Tennessee got 346 total yards. 166 of them (48%) came on three plays. The other 51 non-punting plays they ran totaled 180 yards. They couldn’t convert short yardage possession downs on the ground.

Asterisk for lack of pressure on Hooker until it was obvious they had to pass. UTe’s OL is among the worst in the FBS in giving up sacks, and was banged up. Still, we didn’t get to Hooker much until late. I don’t know why.

Bad — Defense gave up three major explosive plays that made the game a lot closer than it should have been.

Ugly I - Ball security. Williams dropped a strike. Same with Latu. Same with Billingsley. Williams fumbled inside the arnge 10 on what would have been first and goal. Young fumbled going into the end zone (yes, that was a fumble), but recovered it for the TD. Next time we might not be so fortunate.

Ugly II — Special Teams — got a punt blocked. Had at least three, maybe four, players rough the UTe punter on 4th and 23. Two plays later, give up one of the three explosives mentioned above.

Ugly III — the OL. Young was under pressure all night. We had a tough time moving on the ground until UTe’s defense got tired (we ran 91 non-punting plays, and their D had hands on hips beginning in the 2nd quarter). But what really bothered me was the the constant pressure on Young. He was able to flip that around on some runs, but man….the guy was running for his life all night.

Worse, UTe did it with 3 and 4 man rushes. They didn’t blitz much. I guess because they didn’t have to. They could get pressure without that.

I’m afraid that, at this point in the season, we are what we are on the OL — average at best. Below average on pass protection.

Beyond Ugly — UTe faking injuries. They like to run tempo, but are whiny crybabies when somebody does it to them. Must have had double-digits faked injuries to slow us down. If it had been reversed, it would be all over all the broadcast media. As it is….the slipstream.
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1st Team
Feb 27, 2019
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Good: We won against Tennessee, again, and poured it on at the end.

Bad: Fire and focus seem to be lacking frequently with this team. In late October, is this going to change?

Ugly: G Mc doesn't bother me as much as he used to, but his remarks (which seemed to go on for five minutes) about how the late hit shouldn't have been called, was outrageous.


Hall of Fame
Nov 5, 2012
Roll Tide Roll, Colorado USA
Good: no major injuries for either team. Defense picked up. BY ran for a few 1st downs and a couple of TDs. Nice to see! Metchie stepped up big. Williams redeemed himself with a nice long catch. BRob got some hard yards. Nice interception return by a corner with two last names.

Bad: Defense to start the game. When the defense picked up, the offense went south. Special teams. Fumble close to a score. Drops.

Ugly: GMac. Fake injuries by UT.


Bamanation Citizen
Jan 13, 2019
Has DJ Dale participated in the last three games? Haven't heard his name from announcers. Was supposed to be another Daron Payne, but he's MIA.