The NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8 Thread


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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
Should we cheer for Tennessee to lose tonight or would it be more fun to beat them in the Final Four? (South plays East in SF round).

If you count Texas, could be an all SEC Final Four.
I don't care about Tenn or Arky or Texas

Rival fans aren't cheering for us I can promise you that.

UConn and FAU all the way for tonight.


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Jun 6, 2007
Montgomery, Alabama, United States
I’m getting nervous. Normally Friday nights is our family movie nights so I may not watch the game. Historically the sweet 16 has not been kind to Bama and I’m not sure my heart could take it if the game starts to go south.


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Apr 1, 2004
Boone, NC
If we play UConn then we are in the title game so, I'll take it.
As will I!
Although there would be easier games, we'd have to beat what is arguably the team playing at the highest level in the tournament right now.

I also like the fact we have film of our loss earlier in the year and that we could gameplan for this game a little better. It's hard to beat a good team twice in a year, but if we lost in the title game to UConn there would be no reason to hang our heads!
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Jun 9, 2009
Beautiful Cullman, AL
I was pretty ticked last night and I really do have a love/hate relationship with college basketball, but I might watch UConn/Gonzaga. And if I would pull for anyone at this point, it would be for Gonzaga to finally win one.

I also would not mind Creighton winning it all. I don't want to see SDSU's brand be rewarded though. I hate all things burnt orange so no Texas. I'm neutral towards Miami basketball. And UConn is somewhat of a blueblood.

So go Zags, and go Creighton.


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Apr 9, 1999
Silicon Slopes
one reason I haven't watched an NBA game in 25 years is because of how physical everything is. Brut strength wins the day.

The college game is now the same. Teams that played hack-a-shaq on us did much better than those that didn't. And teams learned from that throughout the season and basically said "we're going to throw guys out there and keep hacking Bama to frustrate them. The zebras cant (and don't) call everything." This has a direct correlation with how poorly we played on offense. We should have hit the shots but we were getting creamed beyond the arc, inside the lane, all up and down the floor. Our guys were literally getting smacked in the head and knocked down with very few fouls called.

And for some reason the basketball grand poobahs seem to be ok with this. The game is so much better when guys aren't getting hand checked, body-blowed, hacked, pushed, slammed, etc and when they don't give guys 4 steps (what they now call "euro step"). If we're not going to enforce existing ruled, just get rid of said rules.

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