The play where the LSU receiver dropped the ball before entering the end zone...


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Apr 13, 2012
I would cut Battle some slack. He was trailing the play and probably didn't even realize that the LSU (not UF) player had dropped the ball prematurely...
Agreed - it was a fluke thing and I don't blame Battle at all. That said, he and the entire Alabama team probably learned a lesson there. Play to the whistle. No whistle - keep playing.


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Aug 8, 2011
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I will agree that the officials got the call correct. But there should have been an explanation of the call prior to PAT at the very least. It also leads me to believe they didn’t get it right on the field initially, but “happenstance” CYA’d them.

It wasn’t like there was some kind of rush to get play resumed was there? Later in the game, the Allen interception review (so clear Ray Charles said “yep it’s a pick”) took like what seemed to be days.

Supreme Court opinions have been written in less time than it took to review that play.
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