The Wreck of Hillary Clinton


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Nov 26, 2017
Good one, though some of the lyrics are stretches but I give it a B- for the effort plus it is a good slow dance time. VBG


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
In fact, I found it:

(Get your Gordon Lightfoot out)

The story lives on from Chris Mathews on down in the land that they call the U.S.A./Republican moderates they said are always left for dead when the votes are done on Election Day

With a big load of bull & the media pull, Barak tried to make crap into salad/But the story you will hear whether laughter or tears can be told in this simple nice ballad

It begins in the fall of 11 you know as the voters became walking zombies/And it ends in November with Obama still there and the wreck of the Willard "Mitt" Romney

First it was Herman Cain who arose as the one who could challenge Obama on color/then it was Perry the clown, Bachmann, Gingrich on down to the candidates who all were dullards

Santorum stepped in with a challenge for him and disrupted Republican harm-ny/But he bowed out the race meaning all that was left was the wreck of the Willard "Mitt" Romney

As Obama looked over his three years in charge he was spooked by the new numbers of poor/With no plan his own he was left to just hope he could make folks fear Romney that much more

So he asked about taxes and an Etch-A-Sketch too, and put the nation comatose like zombies/But they key to the plan was the out of touch man who was rich and called Willard "Mitt" Romney

Then a tape made its way on the Internet one day showing Mitt in the country club heaven/Telling all who would hear, drinking wine but not beer, "No matter what Barry gets forty-seven!"

But the problem was more than just rich or the poor when ole Mitt flipped on several key issues/And Obama he could say with the press held at bay that the low tax for Mittie was misused

And finally it seemed came a break on the day an ambassador died in Benghazi, But the lack of the truth the press would not pursue sealed the fate of the Willard "Mitt" Romney

In the Reagan library out in Simi, C-A, they prayed then looked around for their Mommies/and the church bells chimed and rang 47 times (I couldn't resist) for the wreck of the Willard Mitt Romney

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