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Oct 1, 2011
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Sausage, The Crossing-Guard Dog Of Batumi
Kupata, a former stray whose name means "sausage" in Georgian, accompanies groups of kids as they cross the street and barks at cars to keep them away. His protective behavior has made him a celebrity in Batumi and earned him honors from the local tourist board.


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Nov 8, 2004
Margaret Thatcher Basket Case expressing boredom with Coronavirus.

Named her Margaret Thatcher because she's a British Shorthair. We just call her Maggie.

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Maggie has a prominent brow, especially between her eyes, and it creates the look of a permanent scowl.

Here's the mugshot from her veterinarian:

Maggies Mugshot.jpg

I came up with two captions
-- OK...back away from the kibbles, and nobody gets hurt.

-- I. Want. My. Money.

Feel free to write your own.


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Apr 9, 1999
Never, personally, had a pet. Not when I was a kid (my brother had a bunch of dogs and cats, but I wasn't a fan). Not in 25 years of marriage, not in 14 years of parenthood. Don't like having to take care of anything but me and my family or think about what to do with pets when we travel :D

HOWEVER, we have committed to getting guinea pigs for the kids. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. I'm sure they'll be cute and cuddly...until they're not.😬

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