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Oct 13, 1999
Time to give up on Saban
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
So let me get this straight. Just last week, Alabama was so confident it could lure Nick Saban away from his $5 million-a-year job with the Miami Dolphins after New Year's Eve that it offered its top position to West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez. Now, days after Rodriguez changed his mind/played Bama for more cash, the Tide's sights are set once again on Saban, who just led the Dolphins to a 21-0 mauling of the New England Patriots.
One Alabama backer after another has insisted since Rodriguez's rejection that Saban is back on top of the Tide's wish list. Alabama fans, apparently plugged into Saban's office and his $7.5 million home in Fort Lauderdale, believe the former Michigan State and LSU coach is unhappy with the NFL and the Dolphins and that he's willing to leave almost $15 million on the table in order to return to the SEC.
Turns out, they just might be right -- but only about the unhappy part.
"Nick doesn't ever look happy," said Chris Landry, a Baton Rouge-based NFL scout and analyst for Fox Sports Radio. "He's always so focused and driven."
Saban, who is 15-14 in two seasons at Miami, is still a bit irritated at the Dolphins' doctors, the same ones who told him during the offseason that free agent Drew Brees' injured right shoulder wouldn't heal in time for him to throw a football this fall. Later, the same medical staff gave Saban the green light to trade for quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who suffered a severe knee injury last season while playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Brees signed with New Orleans and has guided the Saints to the verge of the NFC South championship while putting up MVP numbers. Culpepper's knee hampered his play early on, and the Dolphins have since turned to Joey Harrington.
So, no, Saban's not super happy. If he had Brees, he just might be a Super Bowl contender. However, Landry said there's no way Saban is leaving Miami, and Landry should know. The veteran NFL scout worked with Saban in Cleveland, played a key role in LSU's hiring of Saban and now runs his own scouting/consulting business in which he analyzes pro and college personnel for NFL teams. One of his clients, predictably, is the Miami Dolphins, and Landry insists Saban has no intention of walking away from the NFL after just two seasons.
"From a football/organization standpoint, his situation is perfect and he knows it," Landry said. "He's got what he wants. It's a chance of a lifetime. He'll have success. He took a team with six-win personnel last year and won nine games. He's doing a good job in my opinion. They're an old team that he's trying to rebuild. That challenge kind of drives him. There's no question he'll have success in Miami and he'll be given the time he needs to have it."
Landry was surprised Sunday and again on Monday when various media reports kept the Saban-to-Alabama rumors alive. Landry, who is often consulted by NFL and college teams in their coaching evaluations and searches, hasn't heard from Alabama recently, but if Mal Moore were to call, he'd advise him to not wait on Saban.
"I think that would take them out of some other candidates," Landry said. "(Saban to Alabama) isn't happening at all. He's every bit committed to Miami. Alabama's not even on his radar. After the season, he's going to be focused immediately on draft preparation and free agency. I think you can take that to the bank."
Landry said media types are reading too much into Saban's statements about the job. Several analysts have insisted that Saban is leaving the door to Tuscaloosa open with denials of interest that aren't 100 percent emphatic. Those people, Landry said, don't understand Saban.
Saban's a coach's coach, meaning he'll never say a job is a bad one, never insult friends by saying he wouldn't be interested in a position at their alma mater. For example, Landry said, Saban would never take the job at Ole Miss, but if Archie Manning were to call him, Saban would be respectful and flattered. That's happened, Landry said, when former Alabama players have talked to Saban about the Tide vacancy. That doesn't mean he wants Mike Shula's old job.
"He might want to return to college one day," Landry said, "but it wouldn't be to Alabama."
By the way, Landry recommends Wake Forest's Jim Grobe for the Alabama job, pointing out that Grobe took a program with fewer resources than its opponents and won the Atlantic Coast Conference title. He's surprised Alabama appears to be aiming higher.
'There's a minority there that believes there has to be something bigger because they're Alabama," Landry said. "It's a good job, but you have to get the right fit. They have such a high regard for their program that they can't see that the landscape has changed."
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Nov 26, 2006
Gah, I remember this idiot...he was proclaiming this on the radio and everywhere before Alabama hired Saban.:rolleyes:
There isn't a dish big enough to hold the crow he's had to eat after all the mouthing off and trash he spouted about Alabama.:biggrin2:

Btw, where is he now? Covering Nutts next move to Kansas or something?:smile:

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May 8, 2008
I am pretty sure Mccready does not work for the Press Register anymore. I believe he covers Ole Miss for Rivals and lives in Oxford now. He could not stand Alabama and what we stand for. It was a good move for him.


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He's surprised Alabama appears to be aiming higher.
'There's a minority there that believes there has to be something bigger because they're Alabama," Landry said. "It's a good job, but you have to get the right fit. They have such a high regard for their program that they can't see that the landscape has changed."
yeah, HAS changed. BAMA is back!
To his credit, McCready was one on-the-record source away from blowing the Tee Martin - Diane Sanford case wide open. He told me in an email once that if his other sources were correct, and if he could get the last source to go on record, it would have made the Means case look like a secondary infraction.

His failure to understand the passion of Alabama fans cost him one of the best jobs in his business. He could have been the next Finebaum.

He is living in Oxford and writing for, covering Ole Miss sports. I got an email from him about halfway through the season, asking me to join some lame sports networking site.

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This guy is a joke. He is an extreme Bama hater from way back and he got tossed out of Mobile on his ear because of it. He now works for the Ole Miss site on Here is one of his Nov. 06 negative ramblings about Bama.
Alabama has been passed

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

By Neal McCready

Mobile Register

Some Alabama fans are really funny. I mean, Eddie Murphy-at-his-peak hilarious.

In the wake of Mississippi State's win over Alabama, many Crimson Tide fans came out of the woodwork demanding immediate change.

So bring on Nick Saban. Bring on Rich Rodriguez. You can interview Bobby Petrino, too. Maybe Rutgers' Greg Schiano would make a good coordinator, a coach-in-waiting if Jimmy Johnson isn't willing to commit more than, say, five years to bringing Alabama football back to where it belongs. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to come stalk the same sidelines that the Bear once patrolled? Who wouldn't want to coach in the shadow of greatness? After all, if you're going to fantasize, take it the distance.

The problem, however, for the dreaming Tide nation is that when it wakes up to the real world, Mike Shula's still the coach and the hard truth is he just might be the best Alabama can realistically hope for. The line of prospective coaches just dying to come to Tuscaloosa isn't as long as Tide fans think.

Before every home game, there's that voice. I still can't understand what he says, but it's something about "class," and "we got class," or "win with class." Then the elephant roars and another voice says, "This is Alabama football."

No, that was Alabama football. Those days are long gone and until the powers that be at the Capstone recognize that, all the Tide is going to be able to embrace is history. The people who Alabama football is selling to -- the current high school recruits -- were born in 1988 or 1989. They were 3 years old when Gene Stallings led Alabama to an upset over Miami in the Sugar Bowl and the national championship. Their experience with Alabama football mostly has been controversy, scandal, NCAA sanctions, losing seasons and mediocrity. The ardent Alabama fans among that group remember Shaun Alexander and Chris Samuel leading Alabama to the 1999 SEC title, but they were 11 or 12 then. Since that national championship night in New Orleans, a lot of water has flowed under the proverbial bridge.

Here's reality: Alabama has been passed. Ask the kids. They're the only ones who really matter. They'll tell you Florida is cool. So is LSU. Ask them about winning tradition and they'll tell you about Auburn, Tennessee and maybe Georgia. South Carolina has Steve Spurrier. Arkansas kids are staying home. Ole Miss has built a great indoor practice facility. Kentucky has fabulous facilities. Mississippi State probably isn't far behind. Jimmy Johns would probably never admit it even if someone could extricate his foot from his mouth, but had the Brookhaven, Miss., native stayed home and gone to Mississippi State or Ole Miss, he'd be a hero in his home state and a starter on the field. Oh yeah, he would have won a football game Saturday. Instead, he went to Alabama, where he's now a highly publicized backup playing behind an underachieving senior.

So why would Saban leave sunny Miami for Alabama? Petrino might be preparing for the national championship game in early January. Why would he give that up to take on a rebuilding project that goes well beyond the football field? Rodriguez might leave his native West Virginia one day, but Alabama's a lateral move at best.

But if Alabama is intent on making that sort of splash, here's two pieces of advice: Ante up and get your eyes out of the rear-view mirror because the men the delusional Tide fans talk about are forward thinkers with healthy egos. In other words, if you expect them to come to Tuscaloosa and walk in a shadow, you'd better hope for nothing but sunny days because guys like Saban, Petrino, Rodriguez and the others aren't going to walk in a shadow that isn't their own.
Even the South Alabama fans didn't like him. lol Neal McCready's letter to WNSP

McCready taken off the air | The Rap Sheet - -

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Here's an update on Chris Landry's career:

December 05, 2008, 06:17 PM EST
From the National Football Post:

We are disappointed that Chris Landry was given a forum to admit to plagiarizing our content and chose not to do so. We have clear and unequivocal evidence of Mr. Landry publishing our material hours -- and in one instance -- days after our doing so. Landry's decision to copy our material almost verbatim without our consent and without attribution to our writers has already resulted in his termination from following their inquiry and may further result in our pursuing legal action against him.
Statement On Chris Landry | National Football Post


Chris Landry, a commentator for NFL, has disappeared off the air and off line. Chris Landry has been suspected of plagiarism. Rogers Sportsnet has done away with the Chris Landry slots
. The allegations of plagiarism show that Landry may have used works of Mike Lombardi and Andrew Brandt, of
Chris Landry: Chris Landry accused of plagiarism :: Hottest World News Updated Daily

The web site ProFootballTalk is reporting that former NFL scout Chris Landry has been fired by Sportsnet News Canada over plagiarism allegations. Sportsnet says that material by Landry has been removed from its web site and that he will "remain off air for now."
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Apr 19, 2006
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I know Neal and had a few discussions with him before Saban was hired. Neal hated college football in general, including his alma mater Ole Miss. I think it's ironic that he's covering them now. He thought CFB was dirty and preferred Major League Baseball, as if it were clean. He generally spoke well of the barn because of the friends he made on the beat, including Tubbs. He said he was constantly accused of being a barn homer. A few run-ins between Neal and Alabama fan advertisers of WNSP lead to an increasing hatred of all things crimson. His bias showed big time towards the end of his tenure at WNSP and the Press Register. I personally like Neal. That being said, I'm glad I don't have to hear or read his football opinions anymore.


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Aug 21, 2006
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Life is good and jerks like this guy add to the sweetness when their idiocy is once again displayed for all to see. :BigA:

There are no shortages of college football experts like McCready, who know it all and are all too happy to share this knowledge, especially with us "delusional" Bama fans. :biggrin:

Thanks for the laugh, Neal. :D
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Aug 21, 2006
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One of my fondest "stupid" remarks regarding the hiring of Coach Saban and his 4 million dollar annual salary, came by way of Pat Dye.

Someone asked Pat how long he thought Nick would stay at Alabama and Dye replied "until someone offers him (Saban) 5 million dollars a year."

Uhh Pat, that would have been the Dolphins, the previous year. :biggrin:

Bless his little fambily heart. :biggrin2:


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Apr 24, 2001
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I remember when I first moved back to Mobile in April, 2007. I immediately began checking out the local sports talk radio, big disappointment to say the least. I was incredulous listening to McCready, couldn't figure out how an AH like him had a gig in Alabama with his blatant hatred of The University of Alabama. Plus, he was a writer for the Mobile fish wrap too. Some guys can pull it off having an attitude like his if they have enough talent, but he sucked on the radio and was probably even worse as a writer. It was a great day on the Mobile sports scene when his sorry arse was sent back to Mississippi.
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Sep 1, 2006
Kathleen, GA
"Nick doesn't ever look happy," said Chris Landry, a Baton Rouge-based NFL scout and analyst for Fox Sports Radio.

Actually, I thought he looked pretty happy Saturday night, but what do I know. I obviously don't know him as well as Landry...And Neal...whatever happened to him? Bigger and better things, I suppose:biggrin:



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Aug 30, 2007
Thanks for the post in the light of our success as we go through the process of building championships I had forgotten the foolish diatribes of the Bama haters... thank goodness Rita didn't like Tuscaloosa, and MM kept shooting for the stars or else we would not be where we are today...

Thanks for the post in the light of our success as we go through the process of building championships I had forgotten the foolish diatribes of the Bama haters... thank goodness Rita didn't like Tuscaloosa, and MM kept shooting for the stars or else we would not be where we are today...


The saying I've always heard is that after RR turned us down... Mal Moore was going to Miami and wasn't leaving without a coach (The Orange Bowl was being played that year between Pretrino and Grobe).
The boy known as McCready is covering Ole Miss doing his Rivals ho-hum job. He blamed the Alabama Rich Fan Base for his removal while at the Mobile Register. Plain and simple the boy knows nothing about football and I would wager he is on a tight leash at Rivals. :pDT_hah: Did I mention Neal is ugly inside and out.