Tips on gettin early commitments?? (NCAA 08)


Jan 13, 2005
Elkhart, Indiana
i'm not sure if it matters but this is for the ps3 version of the game...

In every NCAA game ever I have been awesome at recruiting... but now since they have revamped it im still good at it (in the offseason) but i am having trouble getting in-season commitments... i have tried just about everything!...

strategy 1- finding the players most, very high and very high and having them visit ASAP..

strategy 2- finding the players most, very high and very high and keep looking for very high's or just highs and hard selling them all year long and having them visit late in the year...

im stumped! i NEVER get an early commit!!! what should I do?


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Mar 14, 2006
I had somewhat similar problems at first as well. What's worked for me is scheduling officials for rivalry games (and winning them of course). That's where I've found that I get the highest grades for the visits. The next best option would be conference games, and it's weird because I can play someone like MSU (even if they have like 3 or 4 wins) and get a higher grade than if I play someone out of conference who is highly ranked and unbeaten. That's why I've basically limited my visits to rivalry games and conference games, and it's pretty much worked like a charm, I've never finished anywhere but #1 in recruiting at the end of the year.


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Oct 22, 2007
I have a pretty complex recruiting strategy. But here is a short/simple version

Start of the season with the top 10 players you need/want. ONLY recruit THESE players. Go ahead and fill your board up and schedule visits when the other 25 players are ready to visit, but don't waste precious hours on them. Spend 1 hour on each of your 10 guys. You should have 7-8 of them commit in season. After you get a commit just keep recruiting 10 guys. You will get QUALITY this way and won't sign crappy players that you will end up cutting anyway.

I am in my 16th season with Bama, with 15 NC's and no losses on Heisman level. I have pulled the #1 recruiting class every year. And last year I signed 14 of the top 25 players in the nation.

Other tips:

-Keep swaying until you get their intrest up in EVERY category
-FINISH all of your sells. if you don't finish their intrest doesn't go up
-stick to the top 10
-bring top recruits in agasint rivals