Top 5 Alabama Wins and losses Post Bryant- Pre-Saban that still get to you


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Apr 26, 2008
South Alabama
Had the question been "Top 5 Wins and losses that still gets to you" Im sure we would have nothing but Notre Dame and historic Auburn losses for the losses part. So with the phrasing like this we probably have more parity. SO from 1983-2006 Here are my top 5 Wins and losses. What are yours?


#1) 94 SECCG- This one is bound to show up a lot. If there is one criticism of CGS it is he was too old school. Not allowing Jay Barker and Homer Smith to light up the scoreboard vs one of the weakest Spurrier teams in the 90's is one thing, but not going for 2 is one of the most mindboggling decisions to this day.

#2) 97 Auburn- Another one that probably will pop up a few times is this one. We should've known then what we know now about Dubose

#3) 2003 Tennessee- Any Tennessee loss is a very bad day, but good god this one was horrible,

#4) 02 Oklahoma- Just because we had that game won, and blew it vs a very good Oklahoma team

#5) 2006 Tennessee- I debated between this one and 95, but this one is worse

dishonorable mentions:

95 Tennessee
99 La Tech
93 LSU

Wins: To leave on a good note.

#1) 92 National Championship- What more needs to be said

#2) 99 vs Florida in the Swamp- A team going into a hostile place against a team no one gave them a chance against, and beating them while having to survive stupid coaching decisions on their sideline is a pretty epic story

#3) 02 Tennessee- I hate Tennessee and Revenge against Phatlock after 7 years of torment ranks pretty high for me

#4) 92 SECCG- Amazing game

#5) 1985 Auburn- Before my time, but its hard to justify any Top 5 list without it

"SOME" Honorable mentions

1985 UGA
1994 UGA
1999 SECCG
2001 Auburn
2001 Iowa St
2005 UF
2005 Tennessee
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Sep 17, 2006
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I don’t let losses from 2000 and 2003 bother me because those were such bad teams already so no need to post.

5. 2011 LSU regular season. I knew Alabama was the better team but those courses missed FG’s. Cost Alabama and undefeated season and an SEC Championship. Redemption points however for a rematch win.

4. 2013 Auburn Kick Six. Player for player and coaching, Alabama was the better team. Cost CNS a three peat. Quite frankly just the fashion of the loss as well.

3. 2010 Auburn Camback. Alabama has them in a crater. I still believe to this day Alabama has the best team in college football that year considering that they had won the NC the year before, had so many future NFL players, and would the following 2 NC’s in ‘11 & ‘12. AU had the best player in the field that day and his heroics saved the barn. Alabama was out of contention for the SEC or BCS NC but a win probably gives Alabama a BCS bid to the Sugar Bowl over ARKY.

2. 2016 Clemson. Cost Alabama a repeat, the first 15-0 season, and ultimately a three peat.

1. 2018 Clemson. Once again cost Alabama a repeat, the first 15-0 season, & worst Alabama loss in decades. Just plain ole embarrassment.

Honorable mention

2015 Ole Miss
2014 Ohio State
2012 A&M
2002 OU
2005 Auburn


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Apr 26, 2008
South Alabama
Looks like the thread title needs to be planted into the text of the thread...somehow it is getting missed.
Yeah I know. If I said Top 5 losses then everyone is going to say 2016 Clemson, 2013, Auburn, 2010 Auburn, and some other two big losses in the Saban or Bryant era most likely. Then for wins they would almost be exclusively SECCG and National championship games in the past 12 years. I thought you would get a greater number of different games if you did 83-06

If we didn't have the 83-06 stipulation my top 5 on both change tremendously


1) Florida 08
2) Auburn 13
3) Ohio St 16
4) Clemson 17
5) Auburn 10


3) UF 2009

But again it was the 1983-2006 time frame that I was asking for.
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Jun 9, 2009
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1996 Tennessee. To this day, this one haunts me. Dennis Riddle had an absolutely monster game. Our defense held Manning and company in check all day long. It was the typical Gene Stallings defense + ball control offense slow down game, and we led late, I think 13-6. Then Tennessee scored two TDs late, and won 20-13. We were undefeated going in. Look, I know we weren't beating Florida that year, so an NC wasn't in the question. But we should have beaten that Tennessee team.

1993 LSU. I was shocked and dismayed that we lost this game. Over 30 games without a loss and we go down to Curly Hallman's LSU team at home.

2001 Tennessee. The only game I've ever left the house over. I don't remember all the details, but I know we had come back and were leading, something like 24-17 or 24-21. We had really taken over the game with Santonio Beard running the ball. And then Tennessee dominated the 4th quarter with Jason Witten and win, 35-24. When they scored the TD to put the game out of reach, I had to leave the house and drive around aimlessly, I was so distraught. It's good to remember those days... it helps to appreciate what we have now. We were so close to winning that day and yet so far away because Tennessee was just more talented and had more depth.

2006 Tennessee. This was the day I realized we were never going to be anything more than average under Mike Shula. We outplayed Tennessee in every way, except the ability to finish the game. (of course this was probably more of an indication of Tennessee's slow decline under Fulmer).

2005 LSU. What a tough loss. We should not have even had a chance at winning. That 2005 team had guts. LSU was so much more talented, and probably as an indication of the wackiness of Les Miles, should have destroyed us but we lose in overtime. Sure, we weren't likely going to finish that season undefeated anyway but for it to go out like that was tough to take.


1990 Auburn. I was too young to know about the previous 4 games that we'd lost to them, but this game is my first Alabama football memory. I'll never forget Byron Halbrooks (sp?) sacking Stan White on the game's opening series, first or second play. It set the tone for a 16-7 defensive slug fest.

1992 Miami. Of course. So many great moments in this game where we beat down the loudest mouths in college football.

1994 Auburn. We opened up a 21-0 lead and then held on for dear life. Auburn probably had a first down on that last drive. In fact, I like knowing they probably did but was spotted short by a bad spot. I'm spiteful like that.

1996 Auburn. It was a fitting end to the Gene Stallings era.

1999 Florida. I had to listen to the last part of this game on my lunch break while working at McDonald's (first job). LOL, it was actually about an 1.5 hour lunch break that I took. We paid for Florida's XP miss in OT later that season against Michigan though.


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Nov 19, 2017
That stupid Penn State missing chunk out of the end zone game :(
This one. Considering that we came back from down 34-7, but for the worst ref call I have ever seen it would be on the list of top 5 wins between the Bryant and Saban eras for sure.


Sep 21, 2001
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1. 2016 season, 31-35 Bama-Clemson. Bama just should’ve won, poor defensive coaching costly.
2. 2018 season, 16-44 Bama-Clemson. No comment needed.
3. 1995 season, 14-41 loss to UT. I was there, that was painful.
4. 2013 season, 28-34 loss to auburn. I was at the Carolina-Clemson game and they played the last kick live on the jumbotron, I felt sick watching it.
5. 1984 season, 31-38 loss to BC. You could just watch the Bama team falling apart that game, set tone for rest of the season.

1. 1992 season, Bama-Miami in Sugar Bowl, I was there and that was as fun as it gets.
2. 1990 season, 9-6 Bama-UT at Neyland. For such a low scoring game that was as exciting a game and as hard hitting a game as I’ve ever attended. That was Stalling’s announcement that Bama was back.
3. 1994 season, 29-28 Bama-UGA in Tuscaloosa. Loudest game I’ve ever attended, and that was before expansion of Bryant-Denny, place was nuts.
4. 1986 season, 56-28 Bama-UT at Neyland. A close second to 92 Sugar Bowl for fun at a game. Bama ran the same play (Toss 28 I think) a gazillion times and averaged over 10 yards a carry. Game not nearly as close as the score, UT D was helpless that day.
5. 2017 season, 26-23 Bama-UGA. As much as I wanted to say 2015 & 2017 wins vs Clemson, this title game could not be left off the list.


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Mar 31, 2000
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Some folks ain’t answering the question asked.

81 is asking your top 5 wins/losses from 1983 to 2006.

Not the 73 Sugar Bowl.
Not the Clemson playoffs
Not most of what’s been listed.

We are narrowing the time frame to after Bryant but before Saban.

Anything prior to 83, forget for this post.
Anything after 06, ditto.


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Mar 19, 2004
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My top 5 wins

1. '93 Sugar Bowl - of course. :)
2. '92 SEC Championship Game - What an amazing ending.
3. '99 Florida in the swamp - Exciting and no one thought we could do it.
4. '96 Iron Bowl - My first iron bowl and what an ending.
5. '05 Tennessee - This was an amazing game that took a great play by Roman Harper to pull it off.


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Dec 17, 2003
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Some folks ain’t answering the question asked.

81 is asking your top 5 wins/losses from 1983 to 2006.

Not the 73 Sugar Bowl.
Not the Clemson playoffs
Not most of what’s been listed.

We are narrowing the time frame to after Bryant but before Saban.

Anything prior to 83, forget for this post.
Anything after 06, ditto.
Reading is hard.


Sep 25, 2006
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Given my age in the 80's, I don't remember a ton of games from that period. I've narrowed my list to when I was in school (and right after) and have the most vivid memories of games.

In no particular order:

Top 5 Losses
- 2002 Georgia - We had lost a close one to Oklahoma earlier in the year and had made it back into the Top 25. We had this in the bag until ~:50 left in the game when UGA hit the game winning FG.
- 1997 Louisiana Tech - This was miserable because of the result and the weather. They were still using temporary lights at the stadium and it was pouring rain. The game was not as close as the score indicated
- 2005 Auburn - This one gets me because we had to watch a fragile Brodie Croyle get dang near murdered because his offensive line was terrible.
- 2000 Southern Miss - Shut out. At home. By Southern Miss. 2017 total yards. 4 turnovers. I'm still baffled how DuBose was allowed to keep coaching after this game.
- 2005 Florida - We didn't lose the game, but we lost an incredible player. For no reason whatsoever, Tyrone Prothro was still in the game late in the 4th quarter of a blowout. No need to explain any further.

Top 5 Wins
- 1999 Florida (in Gainsville) - UF came in riding something like a 45 game home win streak. We held the ball for the entire 2nd quarter (45 minutes overall) and won in OT behind Shaun Alexander.
- 1999 Florida (SEC title game) - Word on the street was that no one could beat Spurrier twice in the same season. Turns out they can. And in spectacular fashion.
- 1996 Auburn - My first ibn-person Iron Bowl as a student was capped by Dennis Riddle's touchdown. It was also Stalling's final Iron Bowl.
- 1996 LSU - Shaun Alexander introduces himself to the world by setting the school record for rushing yards in a game.
- 1998 BYU - They had finally finished the second upper deck and rededicated the stadium. Alexander scored 3 TDs and the Tide pulled out the win. I have the opening kick-off framed above my desk in my home office.


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Dec 17, 2003
Vinings, ga., usa
I would say Stallings first 3 games were pretty painful to experience.
That 93 loss to L8U was the worst. How the hell did we lose to Curley Hallman?
I didn't see many games from 1997-2004 due to architecture school.

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