Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax faces second sexual assault allegation


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May 9, 2000
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Those screaming for Fairfax's head seem loud.
I think Fairfax survives this. As does Northam.

Context would seem to be key. Northam, to my mid, has done northing in the last few decades that would indicate he is a white supremacist. To me, it looks like he was a college student who found humorous the juxtaposition of a "black" man and a KKK member. In truth, if Northam was in black face by himself or in KKK garb, by himself, it would be odd.

Of passing interest, Kevin M. Levin, who is a moron, writes about "The ‘Loyal Slave’ Photo That Explains the Northam Scandal." In fact, the Northam scandal has nothing at all to do with the "Loyal Slave" Photo, it is just that Levin likes debunking the "Loyal Slave" photo. Levin obviously never went to college and does not understand anything related to awkward college student humor.
pretty sure northam won't have a problem. fairfax, i think he will probably be ok if he digs his heels in and nothing else comes out, but if the noise about it doesn't die down, he's going to have a tough time.

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