Washington Strengths and Weaknesses


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Dec 7, 2016

1. Defensive Tackle. We have 3 studs all with elite size.
#11 Qualms 6'1 320
#50 Vea 6'5 330+
#99 Gaines 6'2 320

2. WR. We have 3. Ross is the best in the nation at his position can't be contained 1 on 1. Pettis is very solid. McClatcher I think is the x factor he's a guy that gets the ball in space and can create something from nothing.

3. DB. Really no weaknesses. I expect all 5 of our primary guys to play in the NFL. #32 Baker(FS / slot corner) and #26 Jones(top CB) should be 1st or 2nd rounders in the upcoming draft. Pac12 defensive Freshman of the year #21 Rapp is the enforcer

4.TE. Particularly blocking TEs. We have receiving TE #15 Daniels he is solid. But is our blocking TEs that are special. #88 Sample 6'5 260 and #98 former DL Dizzly 6'3 270+. They are absolute maulers. For example of this see the 2nd half of the Pac12 championship. Also unlike Stanford when they use the extra OL we will actually target these guys on playaction passes


1. OLB / DE. By far my biggest concern #29 O'Brien is an all around liability. #28 Wooching has had some huge games rushing the passer but is inconsistent, he's suspect at QB contain and gets overwhelmed when you run right at him. The one possible saving grace is #17 Bartlett has gotten no where near the playing time of the others due to youth and injury but he's the best pure athlete in our LB Corp and got the start for the Pac12 championship and had a big game.

2. Center and Right Guard. The Center is average and the RG has been a rotating door of mostly mediocrity. #56 Harris is a true freshman who has played decently but he's SEVERELY undersized at 6'1 270. The future is very bright for him but at that size he gets wrecked by your DL


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Mar 13, 2001
Breaux Bridge, La
If your weakness is on the edge on D and on the interior line on O -- it's going to be a long and frustrating day......for you

You are going to get jet swept over and over -- and I sure hope your DBs can tackle in space......you are going to need it.

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