Question: We are several games into the season…is the OL improving?


Oct 27, 2006
Cumming, GA
To me it's hard to say. With all the rotating in and out and such.
I think this weekend will be the last weekend for experimenting and that after this Saturday we will see a regular starting 5 on the oline and at that point is where we will see them really start to gel and improve.


Mar 12, 2012
Rewatching the game there is no doubt they’ve improved. We know their talented but gelling and knowing their assignment has been inconsistent in the past. We started running the ball pretty well in the second half and even the second and third teams did a really good job executing their assignments.

As others have said I think Tyler Booker may win the starting job. He has the size, power and intelligence you want with long arms. He seems to blow people off the ball as well. My prediction is you see the most complete game this weekend versus Vandy leading up to Arky.
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Aug 8, 2011
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In my mind “the jury is still out”. Yes we moved the ball pretty much at will in that second half Saturday, but it is hard to tell if that was because of more consistency as a unit or our overall depth just flat “wearing them out”.

Vandy will be a better measuring stick. Maybe not by much, but better nonetheless.
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Nov 8, 2004
To answer the OP: I don't know.

Given the combination of weak opposition and OL lineup shuffling, I don't think anybody knows yet.

Absent a performance Saturday at the extremes (good or bad), I don't think we know until Fayetteville.

Yeah, I know about Arkansas' trouble against the pass. Who owns the LOS will tell a lot. We have 11 days, including one game, between now and then.

I'm cautiously optimistic. But we'll have to prove our mettle against a team that's physical overall, and talented on the offensive side.

Can our OL gel? Can our WRs start playing to potential? Can our OC create mis-matches? We'll see.

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