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Apr 9, 1999
So, we've decided to open a new board dedicated to rivalry talk. This board will only be loosely moderated and, if you can't control yourself (TideFans AND RivalFans) then you should stay away (and/or only lurk).

Here's a few notes from TIDE-HSV on how this will work...

TIDE-HSV said:
(1) First, this is an experiment. If it doesn't work, we will abandon it. Whether or not it works will be up to the participants.

(2) On this board, the usual rules on trash-talking and smack will be relaxed. Our usual language policies will remain intact.

(3) Also, although banter will be allowed, over the top personal attacks will not. We will all be interested to see if this can become a permanent part of the site or not..."
Before posting in The Rivalry Room, you need to reply to this thread with "I AGREE"
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