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Ole Man Dan

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Apr 21, 2008
Gadsden, Al.
Started listening to Jazz albums on Youtube...I have to do more of this and less TV.

Miles Davis
Let me recommend PMJ on Youtube...
(Post Modern Jazz)
Lots of old music and lots of up and coming Artist.
The man on the Piano is the heart and sole of the music.
Scott Bradley.
PMJ has 100s of Jazz selections.
Lots of the selections fit my idea of easy listening.

whatsamatta U

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Jan 1, 2009
Athens, AL
Just saw that Dean Daughtry of Atlanta Rhythm Section passed away today in Huntsville.
Saw them in 78 at Grant Field for the Champagne Jam along with other bands.

edit: it was 78, the other bands were Santana, Dobbie Brothers, Eddie Money, Mose Jones, and Mother's Finest.
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