What are your top 5 favorite iconic uniforms in sports?


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May 13, 2009
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It's too tough for me to pick 5 across all sports....


1) Alabama - I think they look the best Home and Away and yes I'm biased
2) Ohio State - Really clean classic scheme with an awesome Silver Helmet covered in Buckeyes
3) Oklahoma - They almost look as good as Alabama's
4) Notre Dame - I can't stand them but their uniforms are as Iconic as it gets
5) Penn State - I wish the school would be shut down but their Uni's are Classic

My Favorite Team's Uniforms in Pro Sports - I don't like any of the enemies uniforms

1) Atlanta Braves - My #1 Team of all Pro Sports (My Paw-Paw got me into them)
2) Denver Broncos - My NFL Team from the 80's (Because of John Elway and Bobby Humphrey)
3) Chicago Blackhawks - My NHL Team (WGN had the games)
4) Chicago Bulls - My NBA Team (WGN had the games)
5) Chicago White Sox - My AL Team (WGN Had the games)


Here's my latest batch of Hats for my Pro Teams (The Center Front is a Braves Cap, though it could be mistaken as Alabama by some folks)


I might take pics of my Jersey's at some point.... I have around 8-10 Atlanta Braves Jersey's and another 8-10 Jordan Jersey's from the Bulls and Team USA.
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Dec 17, 2019
1. Michigan Wolverines (it’s good.. to be.. a Michi-gan wol-verine)
2. Clemson Tigers (Disney is never wrong)
3. Auburn Tigers (That big huge U behind the A looks distinctive)
4. Tennessee Volunteers (the orange you can sit with)
5. USF (did you seen their new uniforms last year?)

Dishonorable mention:


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Jan 22, 2005
1. BAMA Football white jerseys. (Saw my 1st BAMA game at Vandy on Oct 9, 1971.) White helmets that night were classic. We won 42-0. Johnny Musso was Left Halfback & ran wild. I was hooked.
2. NY Yankee pinstripes
3. Boston Celtics home whites with green shoes (Havlicek & Jojo White era)
4. San Diego Chargers powder blues (Dan Fouts era)
5. Chicago Blackhawks' red sweater with the Indian Chief on the front. Totally cool.

I know it was only suppose to be 5, but:

6. Washington Redskins during the Sonny Jurgenson & Billy Kilmer era with the spear on the helmet & those cool Burgundy jerseys.

I know, I know. I'm showing my age (59 years old.) BAMA will always be the coolest because we never change. I told Greg Byrne at a dinner at SEC Championship weekend, if he ever changes those football uniforms my donations STOP. No more money if we ever change.


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Feb 24, 2017
BAMA so good it never changes,
Steelers screams pro football at it's best
The old braves blue
The old charger uni, the light blue
Can't stand the yankees but the uni is classic


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Dec 19, 2006
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I'm kind of stealing what @tusks_n_raider had but I can really only choose from College Football.

1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Ohio State
4. Penn State
5. Southern Cal

Honorable Mention: UCLA, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas

We play the other SEC schools so much I don't think about their uniforms being classic the way I do these other schools. It is always cool to see the out of conference helmets opposite our guys.


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Apr 26, 2008
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The only reason that I don’t consider Nebraska and the Red Sox is that besides the Logos there really isn’t anything unique about their uniforms. Nebraska and Wisconsin are the exact same uniforms. Boston shares the color their color scheme with the Braves, Cleveland, the Twins, and somewhat with the Cardinals and Nationals. It’s not like the midnight Yankee blue with the pinstripes. Really I could mistake the Red Sox for the Twins and Cleveland from afar. Just IMO.

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Nov 8, 2004
1. Alabama football (of course)
2. Notre Dame
3. NY Jets from the 1960s. Still occasionally brought out for a throwback Sunday
4. Ohio State
5. NY Yankees

Separating my feelings about the teams from the uniforms themselves:
Auburn, though it pains me to say it, has some good unis, as does Michigan. And while LSU’s coach is a cretin and their fans are obnoxious, they do have cool uniforms. USCw has some mouthy fans, even after getting skulldrug in Dallas a few years ago, but the uniforms are good.
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Mar 31, 2000
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Watching the Braves play the Yankees tonight I’m reminded how iconic the Yankees uniforms are. So I was wondering what are my favorite of the most iconic uniforms.

Mine are

1) Bama (shoot me I’m biased)
2) Yankees (though I hate them)
3) Ohio St
4) Cubs
5) Steelers

What are yours

I agree on the Yankees, much as I hate them.

Notre Dame football
North Carolina basketball
Green Bay Packers (the "G" that was so awesome Jawja stole it; should have been a "J" for Jawja)
Dodgers (wherever)

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