What it takes to beat Bama...

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Dec 11, 2014
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So if it's either great QB play from our opponent or turnovers that beats us we can begin to speculate potential problem games. The only QB's or QB duo we face in the regular season this year that could cause us problems is perhaps Ole Miss with Corral and Plumlee and also since we're playing at Auburn we can't rule out Bo Nix getting a hot hand. A loss to any other team in the regular season will most likely be caused by turnovers. If we face Georgia in the SECCG it's only turnovers that can kill us. If we would face Oklahoma in the playoff then Spencer Rattler could beat us. In summation it's only Ole Miss , Auburn, and potentially Oklahoma that have QB's that can beat us so avoid turnovers and we should be fine in the rest.
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Jun 7, 2021
One of the things that irks me is that to make their case, the pundits always ONLY COUNT THE GAMES WE LOST! Never once will you ever see them look at the games we won and see if a QB was super talented or extraordinary or anything. Let's go through the losses real quick.

2008 Florida - they were obviously the better team, no argument
2008 Utah - a game that meant everything to them and nothing at all to us
2010 SCAR - letdown on the road against a rested team after an emotional win vs UF
2010 LSU - we turned the ball over, they didn't
2010 Auburn - failre to thrive early, failure to survive late...and it was their year
2011 LSU - everything that could go wrong...did
2012 ATM - lousy playcalling, post-LSU letdown, lost turnovers 3-0
2013 Auburn - failed to execute
2013 Oklahoma - meant a lot to them, meant nothing to us
2014 Ole Miss - turnovers
2014 Ohio State - they were simply better than us
2015 Ole Miss - turnovers and plays you couldn't script in a cartoon
2016 Clemson - injuries, pick plays, and a QB that couldn't throw
2017 Auburn - outplayed us in the final 24 minutes
2018 Clemson - they were simply better than us
2019 LSU - although they were better than us, it felt a lot like 2011, too
2019 Auburn - two turnover pick sixes and officials sniffing glue

3 times the team was indisputably better - 2008 Florida, 2014 Ohio St, and 2018 Clemson and MAYBE 2019 LSU

The rest were turnover-fests or emotional letdowns
2012 TAMU - We had a chance to complete an incredible comeback at the end; alas, one of ours roughed their punter.

2015 Ole Miss - Does anyone else remember the blatant lineman downfield no-call that would have taken an Ole Miss TD off the board? That’s my abiding memory of that one. 😡

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Nov 8, 2004
So what we’re really saying is that to beat Alabama, you have to:

— Have a dual threat QB, who
— Plays out of his skull, and
— Win the turnover battle, and
— Dominate Alabama’s OL, thereby
— Stifle Alabama’s running game, and
— Pressure Alabama’s QB into some mistakes, and
— Not get untimely penalties, and
— Have the ball bounce your way a few times.
— Doesn’t hurt if the playcaller has a brain freeze.

Yeah, that pretty much works against anybody. Even the Patriots.

The true story is that to beat Alabama, you have to play virtually perfect football, and be the beneficiary of Alabama mistakes or good fortune from the football gods.

In other news, water is wet.


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Sep 18, 2007
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Something you will never see. A Bama tee shirt saying beat ______ (fill in the blank). We intend to do just that and don't require a reminder.


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Apr 21, 2008
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What it takes to beat Alabama, is to have a great team, and Bama go crazy making stupid mistakes. Injuries to key players, lots of turnovers, lots of penalties, and maybe Judges missing calls on the other team.
It don't happen often, but it has been known to happen.