Question: What was your favorite bama sec championship game/moment?


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
what’s Top 5 SECCG and Worst 5 SECCG?

*not as a Bama fan, just as a football fan
Top 5
1) 2018 UA vs UGA
2) 1992 UA vs Florida 1
3) 2012 UGA vs UA
4) 1994 UA vs Florida 3
5) 2001 LSU vs Tennessee

Bottom 5
1) 1995 Florida vs Arky
2) 2010 Auburn vs USCe
3) 2000 Auburn vs Florida
4) 2002 UGA vs Arky
5) 2019 LSU vs UGA


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
what’s Top 5 SECCG and Worst 5 SECCG?

*not as a Bama fan, just as a football fan

Five-Star Games
1992 - Alabama vs Florida (inaugural game)
1994 - Alabama vs Florida 3
2012 - Alabama vs UGA
2018 - Alabama vs UGA

Four-Star Games
1997 Auburn vs Tennessee
1999 Alabama vs Florida V
2001 LSU vs Tennessee
2006 Florida vs Arkansas
2008 Florida vs Alabama (Meyer-Saban I)
2009 Florida vs Alabama (Meyer-Saban II)

Three-Star Games
1996 Alabama vs Florida IV
1998 Tennessee vs Miss St
2004 - Auburn vs Tennessee
2007 - LSU vs Tennessee
2011 - LSU vs UGA
2015 - Alabama vs Florida
2017 - Auburn vs UGA

Two-Star Games
2003 - LSU vs Georgia
2005 - LSU vs Georgia II

Complete Duds
1993 - Alabama vs Florida (the loser bowl - both teams lost to Auburn that year)
1995 - Florida vs Arkansas
2000 - Florida vs Auburn
2002 - Georgia vs Arkansas
2010 - Auburn vs S Carolina
2013 - Auburn vs Missouri
2014 - Alabama vs Missouri
2016 - Alabama vs Florida
2019 - LSU vs Georgia

5-star games - the cream of the crop, exciting from first play to last play, held interest even if there was a lull

4-star games - the final score may be a bit one-sided, but the game itself was hard fought for 3 quarters or so; for example, the 1999 UF-UA game, Alabama only led, 15-7, with 12 minutes left when all hell broke loose.

3-star games - these tend to be games that either ended with an artificially close score but were not "really" as competitive as suggested OR the losing team hung around for 2-3 quarters even if you knew they weren't going to win

2-star games - the two teams seemed about even at the start, but the game didn't pan out

Duds - these games were all over before the teams even took the field, and everyone knew it.


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May 13, 2009
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2009 vs. Florida is my favorite game:

Nobody really gave us a shot against a Gators team led by Tebow who were on the verge of winning 3 out 4 National Titles. They were about to be a Dynasty.

We went in there and DESTROYED THEM!!!

So many great plays are in that game....

Mark Ingram sealed the Heisman with 189 All-Purpose yards and 3 TD's

McElroy played the game of his life including the 'Baryshnikov' down the sideline scramble and the 'Flow Throwback' TD pass to Colin Peek.

Maze had big game w/ 96 yards receiving...

Javy had a great EZ INT off Tebow

McClain was a tackling TERROR

Tebow was in tears....

Everything was great but most importantly it was the swing moment that ended Meyer's run in Florida for all intents and it led to our re- ascension to Dynasty status.

My favorite isolated moments is a 3-way tie:

1) Langham Pick Six in 1992
2) AJ to Coop in 2012
3) Jalen Comeback in 2018
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Sep 9, 2012
The 2009 game was our "allow me to reintroduce myself" moment to the College Football world and that will forever be one of my favorite memories.

The 2012 & 2018 games were special too, not just because of The Stop and Hurts TD but in both games we were down double digits in the 2nd half and came back to win.

If you want to watch a rushing attack at it's best, watch the 2012 SECCG, Lacy and Yeldon were unstoppable.


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Jul 17, 2005
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GMAC tight roping and hoping for the first down. I'm a little too young to appreciate 92's pick six. 2009 was the year for me. Going into that game, in my mind, UF was what Bama is every year. In every game since then (regardless of the outcome of the game) I went into the game knowing if Bama doesn't give the game away, they will win. FG misses, fluke plays and a buzz saw champ game not withstanding, the 2009 SEC Champ game changed my mindset on Alabama football that has not faltered to this day.


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Apr 26, 2008
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The only one I have ever attended was 2014. I massively overpaid for the ticket because my friend had "the hookup in Atlanta". When I sat down I found out that the people around me paid 200 bucks less than I did. This was me in my "I dont know what Im doing when I buy tickets" phase of going to games. It was overall a great time.

For Bama SEC Championships I rank them:

1) 2018
2) 2013
3) 2009
4) 1992
5) 1999
6) 2015
7) 2014
8) 2016
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