PICK'EM: Who is your top 6 after week 7?


Jan 17, 2011
Noblesville Indiana
Wisconsin HAS looked very good but I predict they will get ran out of the stadium in Columbus in two weeks.
I honestly like Wisconsin to win the regular season game. The game will be in Madison and undoubtedly will be the primetime game of the week. Camp Randall is a tough place to play and it will be an electric factory that night.

Add on OSU still has a fairly young team, a rookie head coach , and has yet to play against a quality opponent. Wisconsin is a veteran lead team who has already played multiple “quality” games this year. I could easily see OSU getting beaten soundly.

However, I also think there will be a rematch in Indianapolis for the B1G championship game. A neutral site game and on that type of field is advantage for OSU’s superior athletes. I foresee them splitting the series but with OSU winning the one that matters.

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Apr 26, 2008
That game is in Madison.
If it’s a night game then it’s going to be an allnight fight. Whiskey is hard to beat at night. Everyone loves to talk about Saturday Nights in Death Valley, but it has nothing on going to Camp Randall in a late October or November night. That place is beyond insane at how wild it is.
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Aug 30, 2010
Swearengin, Alabama, United States
I am not sure any team deserves to be anything other than what their records at this point says they are. But since fans love something to talk and disagree about I will go with ESPN's current Football Power Index, (FPI).

#1 Alabama
#2 Ohio State
#3 Clemson
#4 LSU
#5 Wisconsin
#6 Georgia

All these teams control their own destiny even Georgia still. Actually the same can be said for Auburn and Florida. Win out and become SEC champs, they are in. A one loss SEC champ is in like Flynn, but a 2 loss SEC champ? I can actually see a one loss SEC non champion, say Bama if Bama lost in the SEC championship game, get in over a 2 loss SEC champ!! Didn't Ohio State already do that one year in the B1G?