Who we are watching today and what time they will announce (and a few thoughts)


Oct 22, 2011
Near the Barn
I don't like to rehash old news because it sounds bitter and sour, but Ross told Bama he was coming to UA before NSD. even 247 mod and one of the best in the business ( Tim Watts) CB him to Alabama. Ross switched at the last moment when his family ( mother and grandma) gave the green light to leave the state to play football. yea looking back, he was a Clemson lean all along.
I did not realize he told our staff he was signing with Bama interesting, I worked with someone at that time that was about as knowledgeable as you could be (outside of family) about him and every time he and I talked which was probably several times a week he always said the kid was headed to Clemson.

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