Link: Wisconsin DC Jim Leonhard is leaving the Badgers program after the bowl 👀👀👀


1st Team
Jan 3, 2021
If deon takes our cb coach as rumored I would be pretty ecstatic with Jim Leonard lb Jimmy lake cb co coordinators


Dec 3, 2012
Would be a huge upgrade. Time for CNS to bring him and let him run his system.
We need a whole defensive overhaul.
Leonhard's legit - Green Bay and I think at least one other NFL team offered him as DC, and he turned them down to stay with Bucky.

Now as a Packers owner, I'm always thinking positive - and keen on opportunity for the less-fortunate and overmatched at their current jobs. So while Gol*fish has shown himself to be the worst DC ever to give a downward death stare to the 50-yard line for whole games at a time, there's no denying he would bring an entrancing new concept to Lambeau. No, not the 1-4-6, but a solid Gol*, surefire *efensive winner, the Swiss Cheesehead...

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