World's Strongest Man 2022: Finals thread


Dec 4, 2018
Today is a rest day, but the 10 men who made it to this years final are . . .
1. Maxime Boudreault, Canada
2. Mitchell Hooper, Canada
3. Eythor Melsted, Iceland
4. Martins Licis, USA
5. Trey Mitchell, USA
6. Oleksii Novikov, Ukraine
7. Gabriel Rheaume, Canada
8. Brian Shaw, USA
9. Luke Stoltman, Scotland
10. Tom Stoltman, Scotland

All four former winners of WSM advance from qualifying to the final (Shaw 4x, Licis, Novikov, T. Stoltman). Of the four, I believe 3 would be considered the favorites heading into the weekend (Licis, Novikov, T. Stoltman). Based on this year's competitions, it would seem to come down to Licis and T. Stoltman, as they've had the most success thus far.

Personally, I'd love to see Luke Stoltman win it all, but has a couple of weaknesses that his brother doesn't have, and both Licis and Novikov are incredibly consistent with no major weaknesses. Tom Stoltman, "The Alabatross," may have more potential than both Licis and Novikov but he definitely has a weaker grip than those two, even though he's improved his grip strength considerably since winning the WSM title last year.

I'll be watching Uncle Loz and Auntie Liz live stream over the weekend, as they answer questions and relay the results as they are posted on the WSM website. It's a shame that the only live option is to watch a spreadsheet get updated, as opposed to watching the actual events. But, that's what happens when a TV show taping happens to be one of your favorite strength events.


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Dec 11, 2008
Don't follow the sport much. Mainly through my son. Would love to see Shaw win another title. Seems a decent fellow. Wouldn't be disappointed with one of the Stoltmans winning though.


Dec 4, 2018
Day 1 of the finals is in the books, and here's the placings at the midway point.
1. Oleksii Novikov, 28 points
2. Tom Stoltman, 26.5 points
3. Martins Licis, 20 points
4. Mitchell Hooper, 19 points
5. Trey Mitchell, 18 points
6. Brian Shaw, 16.5 points
7. Luke Stoltman, 15.5 points
8. Maxime Boudreault, 11.5 points
9. Gabriel Rheaume, 6 points
10. Eythor Melsted, 4 points

No huge surprises today, given what we saw in the qualifying heats. I thought Licis would have a few more points making the top three a bit tighter, but overall about what was expected.


Dec 4, 2018
The first event of day 2 is in the books, with Oleksii Novikov extending his lead by winning the bus pull with Martins LIcis second and Tom Stoltman third.

Current standings, after 4 events (2 remaining):
1. Novikov
2. T. Stoltman
3. M. Licis
4. T. Mitchell
5. B. Shaw
6. M. Hooper
7. L. Stoltman
8. M. Boudreault
9. G. Rheaume
10. E. Melsted

I think Boudreault, Rheaume and Melsted will finish of the day in 8th, 9th and 10th, respectively, but we could see some movement everywhere else. I'm a big fan of Maxime Boudreault, but I don't think he can make up enough points on Luke Stoltman to move up any further. Luke could possibly move up to 5th, but that would some faltering from Brian Shaw, though Shaw isn't as strong on day 2 as he has been in years past.

And at the top of the standing, another event win for Novikov will give him the title, barring an injury or some type of mishap/mistake similar to what happened to Tom Stoltman at one of the Giants Live events where one of his stones rolled off the platform.
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Dec 4, 2018
Even 2 of Day 2, The Power Staris, saw Oleksii Novikov open the door for Tom Stoltman, and he took full advantage. It doesn't seem that it was a mistake, just merely a bad event for him, but Novikov places 7th in the Power Stairs, while "The Albatross" took 2nd place-a five point swing. Stoltman moves into first place and doesn't look back as he wins the Atlas Stones. Martins Licis alos took advantage of a rather un-Novikov-like performance on the Power Stairs, placing behind T. Stoltman and moving closer to Novikov. Then, in a performance I would never have predicted, Novikov comes in last on the Atlas Stones, giving Martins Licis 2nd place behind the "King of the Stones," Tom "The Albatross" Stoltman.

Tom Stoltman repeats as World's Strongest Man in 2022, and here are the final placings:

1. Tom Stoltman, 53.5 points
2. Martins Licis, 43 points
3. Oleksii Novikov, 43 points
4. Brian Shaw, 37.5 points
5. Maxime Boudreault, 34.5 points
6. Trey Mitchell, 34 points
7. Luke Stoltman, 30.5 points
8. Mitchell Hooper, 30 points
9. Eythor Melsted, 13 points
10. Gabriel Rheaume, 11 points

Dominating performance by The Albatross, with lowest finish in any event in the final was a 3rd in the Bus Pull. His event placings from the weekend were 2nd, tie 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.
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