Question: Would you rather beat Auburn and lose to Georgia or lose to Auburn and not play Georgia?

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Dec 11, 2014
Lancaster, PA
This might be the easiest question I've ever responded to on here. Definitely beat Auburn and lose to Georgia. If we don't beat Auburn we'll never know how we would have fared against Georgia and I want to know.


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Nov 25, 2003
Amarillo, TX
I'd rather beat auBarn & then have the opportunity to play uga & beat them twice! 🤩 I would never pick anyone to beat Alabama. The team has 2-3 weeks to get better...& i believe they will! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!
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Al A Bama

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Jun 24, 2011
Remember 1957 and that score 40 to ZIP? I'll blame that one on someone called "EARS".

Remember Punt Bama Punt? I guess that was at Legion Field.

Remember that Kick Six in the cow pasture?

Remember Senator, I mean Coach, Tubberville and all those FINGERS?

Remember that Come-Back orchestrated by the Camster in T-Town?

That cow pasture so-called stadium has to be haunted. Bad things happen down there. Remember that pass from Mac Jones to Nagee; hit him in the back and intercepted by a Barner for a very long distance Pick Six.

I NEVER want to lose to Auburn! NEVER ever! Well, I don't want to lose to the Hill Billies, the Dawgs or any other team on planet Earth!

Remember! If Bama loses to the Barn, they/we have to deal with that for 365 days until they can restore order in the state, the country, on planet Earth, and in the Universe. That is 365 days of INTOLERABLE PAIN.

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