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    Most irritating sports personality on TV

    Fake teeth? Looks like a freakin` zombie!!
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    Most irritating sports personality on TV

    I don`t think there`s too much Barrett Jones wouldn`t be good at if he put his mind to it.
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    Link: Kirk Herbstreit On LSU's Postgame Celebration

    Actually, they really are.
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    What Is This All About OBJ and Handing Out Money After Game...Is This Real? What About Legal?

    The whole thing is….LSU
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    Link: Kirk Herbstreit On LSU's Postgame Celebration

    Thank you sir. LSU`s inability to win with class and a forward looking perspective didn`t surprise me a whit. Lived in Louisiana for over a decade. Some wonderful and colorful people. Except when it comes to LSU football. They just.....lose it.
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    Link: Kirk Herbstreit On LSU's Postgame Celebration

    " OBJ stuff " ? Got me with that one. Not familiar with that particular acronym or to what it refers.
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    Link: LSU DC Dave Aranda To Baylor

    I think Dabo`s lost a grand total of ONE ? Is that correct? Regardless, I find whatever it is they`re doing there amazing.
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    2020 Prospect: Walk-0n Clark Griffin Committed to Alabama

    And how do you not pull for a kid like that? Who knows? If he doesn’t shy away from contact and has good foot speed, he could well find a spot on special teams going down under kicks.
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    Game Thread: CFP NCG: LSU vs Clemson (7pm CST | ESPN)

    Trust me. Be glad as an Alabama fan you don`t live in Louisiana if they know you`re one. The LSU fans are borderline insufferable when LSU is just mediocre, I can`t imagine what it`s like this morning. I`ll bet Tim Brando`s so obnoxious right now it`s unbelievable.
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    Who does Alabama end with on National Signing Day?

    Hope you`re right about Mac, but I think he goes to Baton Rouge.
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    Kyle Mann

    Was Nick Gentry originally a walk on? That kid ended up being a terror in the middle.
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    TE Tre McKitty

    Well, I just can`t imagine anybody stooping to such tactics. Oh wait..... You know, everybody knows it`s not " fun " at Alabama. Never mind the fact that you may well get the finest training and counseling when it comes to making millions in the NFL. But remember, it`s still not fun!
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    Derrick Henry is going off against the Ravens

    Yep, poster child, man, whatever for all those Bama busts out there. What a monster.
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    Link: Welcome to the SEC Mike Leach

    Yep, our DBs might as well turn their backs to the line RIGHT NOW and start running!