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    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    although it diminishes my enjoyment of my favorite sport, it will be fun to watch the Aggie reaction when the shorthorns out recruit them with NIL
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    Offseason Thread: When Saban Retires -- Who?

    They didn't t take pictures of our recruiting board and show it to recruits as well as tell recruits CNS was retiring
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    David Cutcliffe ‘thrilled’ to return to the Southeastern Conference

    Knew him in high school and slightly after college when he was coaching prior to getting the Ucheat gig. He was very much a Bama guy and we made a big mistake in not offering him a job
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    Tennessee fan coming in peace!

    They low down they dirty they some snitches. and I hate that puke inside of a pumpkin orange when every notation or memory of the fat one has been erased maybe I can respect the rivalry again. Until then I root for whoever plays Ucheat including the Ayatollah
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    I Hate Tennessee

    I can t stress this enough
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    I Hate Tennessee

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    Good article about Dan Mullen that further shows how great CNS is
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    Will Anderson's endurance...

    That was a truly dominating performance And my recollection is that he looked tired the next week against Ucheat and maybe against LSU and fumbled against Ucheat but may have to ask Selma for clarification
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    Will Anderson's endurance...

    I have little knowledge in this field other than a good understanding of physiology. I know that players need to play together to develop cohesion but it is a long season and I would like to see our best player not run out of gas. I hope that coach either rests him or that he only plays one or...
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    LSU will require proof of vaccination or negative PCR test for game attendance

    I did not and have no desire to get into the politics of vaccines. I do not yet want the vaccine mandated. I am just weary of working in the sickness and dying and most of these good people never thought it would be them
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    Games That Felt "Rigged" By Suspiciously Convenient Calls

    Having spoken with fans/players of Hartselle s two biggest rivals (Cullman and Decatur). they all felt it was karma but that s what rivals gets you

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