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    Alabama suspends spring football practice due to coronavirus

    Please get help! Things will get better. Don't let this take you over. There have to be resources in your community you can reach out to in this time. Depression is real, but there are ways to combat it. We'll get through this.
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    REPORT: Nick Saban was ‘riding (Scott) Cochran mercilessly’ leading up to Alabama departure

    Awesome story!! QUOTE="4Q Basket Case, post: 3536044, member: 9389"] This is a true story: Gordon Palmer was a highly prominent banker in Tuscaloosa -- President of what was then known as The First National Bank of Tuscaloosa. He was also a Trustee of the University of Alabama. Needless to...
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    Game Thread: St Pete invitational (UA 3-2)

    Roll Tide! Run rule shutout of the #1 team in the country!
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    Anoma dismissed from UH

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    SEC Announcer describes gymnastics as "scantily clad women."

    If you listen to the 40 second clip of exactly what he said and how he said it (referring to the hotel reference), I think it's easy to see why he's in hot water. I admit to being biased because I'm a big supporter of our gymnastics program, and no one's mentioned how disrespectful this is to...
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    Notable Players returning to the 2020 team from 2017-2019 recruiting classes

    Maybe Miller Forristall? I know that he may be limited or not depending on his health, but I would think being from the 2016 class he would be a returning leader for the team.
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    Poll: Way Too Early 2020 Top Five In Your Opinion

    Seriously, Mac is "unknown"??
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    Link: FYI: Not Football Related. Bama Softball Related. (Staff-approved)

    And Fouts will be joined by freshman pitcher Lexi Kilfoyl; both played on the National U19 Team. Sarah Cornell, last year's SEC pitcher of the year, is back as a senior. I think it's safe to say Bama will never have had a pitching staff this strong in program history.
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    Poll: Way Too Early 2020 Top Five In Your Opinion

    Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, Florida
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    Burrow - from crown to clown

    This is exactly what I was thinking, too. I'd say we're still somewhat relevant.("somewhat" I'd place in blue font if I could figure it out) ☺
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    Most irritating sports personality on TV

    He's become insufferable to me.
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    This isn't what Penn St and James Franklin need in the media (Alleged Hazing)

    No, they were referencing Sandusky's earlier actions during these later hazings in 2018 (which makes it particularly heinous.)
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    McKinney Goes Pro

    Was hoping he might stay. Best to him in the draft.

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