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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    I figured that's where he'd go. It's just cleaner for him to go outside the pressure of having to pick between Tennessee and Ole Miss on top of getting a ton of angst and backlash of playing for an SEC not named UcheaT or Ole Mist.
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    Question: Do You Have A Pet Peeve?

    I don't ever say anything, it isn't worth it but I see people all the time in the grocery store who have dogs riding in their shopping carts or holding them while picking over produce. Granted, we wash all of our produce when we get home, but even still, I just don't find it very sanitary to...
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    The Deshaun Watson saga

    I have no idea which way the NFL will go with his discipline, but there are some that cover the NFL who believe the NFL will be quite severe. Especially seeing that MLB suspended Trevor Bauer for two years for MUCH MUCH less.
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    I know the PGA would disagree, but this type of drama in pro golf really isn't a bad thing for the sport overall.
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    Price of gas

    I know you know this, but just using your response of $2 savings at the pump to say it isn't the price at the pump that causes the most issues. It is the ripple effect it has on dang near everything that has nothing to do with you or me putting gasoline in our cars that hurts. If the ONLY thing...
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    Washington Post Office Twitter War leads to suspensions and 1 Termination

    The internet (in general) has provided an enormous public forum for people that many cannot handle. Before the internet and all the social media platforms, people's opinions were limited to those in their friend/social/work circle or if they got up enough courage to write in the "Letters to the...
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    Question: Do You Have A Pet Peeve?

    I am still shocked at how many establishments that serve and sell food allow people to bring non service dogs into their place of business. I see more and more of it in grocery stores and yesterday while eating at a restaurant I looked over at the booth across from us and a lady had a...
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    Like we both seem to agree on, we can't even trust teachers to teach what they are supposed to teach in the classroom or even teach at all, but have ideas of trusting them with a firearm? Hell naw!
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    Whaaaaat?!?! Do you mean to tell me there are teachers who are given a curriculum, are entrusted to teach it a certain way for specific purposes but begin to go off the rails and allow their personal biases and agendas to hijack the original intent of the curriculum? Or better yet, sit in the...
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    Joke thread - including cartoons, memes, and misc - Part III

    Lawd don't get me started on this topic!!! LOL!
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    Transgender women in sports

    This is a very important statement in the reasoning of their decision. Granted, I'm certain there will be other scientists and science that people can find that don't agree with the scientists and science this group used to make their decision. But it at least shrinks the pool of people you have...
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    Fifteeneessee baseball coach wins award

    He may have won an award but he and his team have gotten scorched by the baseball community both on the college level and the professional level for their behavior. Again, (if I haven't been clear up until now) I HAVE ZERO problem with exuberate celebrations when a big play happens. I have...
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    Link: Opting out in college games has now made it to HS sports

    I agree, but unfortunately, the "really good kid" doesn't get better, and more times than not gets worse. This is the reason we ultimately left league ball. Our kids were getting progressively worse and progressively uninterested in the game. The moment they got into tournament/"travel" baseball...
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    Price of gas

    Be thankful you are in a stage of life where you can do this.
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    2022 MLB Season Thread

    We were at this game yesterday, and btw, the Rangers absolutely suck. I keep asking my two oldest boys why they even pull for them. They perpetually are bad. But oh well, to each their own.

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