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    First post

    Welcome. I'm a little younger (I think), but still old enough to remember the later Bryant championships. I'm quite enjoying the recent ones, however. This is a great site. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    Political Meme - Cartoon Thread...

    Re: Political Meme - Cartoon Thread (ONLY)...
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    Alabama Man Charged With Molesting A Horse

    The horse was probably asking for it.
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    Link: Deja vu on the Bayou: Early exits hit LSU hardest in college football

    :eek2: That's like taking a self-imposed scholarship reduction for the privilege of having Ogre coach.
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    Mythbusters Test Die Hard Stunt

    Mighty long time. We thought the AF would manage to kill it off in the 80's. Some things are just too good to die.
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    Link: Deja vu on the Bayou: Early exits hit LSU hardest in college football

    Louisiana sure is a nicer place to live these days, isn't it? :)
  7. bamachile Bo Scarborough - Proud American

    If you are really a blue guitar man, you need one for an avatar. :wink:
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    The Officially Unofficial Non-Political Cartoon, Meme, Gif Thread

    Another Bad Lip Reading Video; SIAP
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    CFP Winning Play - Multiple broadcasts

    Silly capitalists. Our women are bigger, hairier, and can lift more weight.
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    Poll: Litmus test: Iron Bowl or Championship?

    To be fair, I've heard these sort of statements much less since I quit drinking and hanging out in bars. :wink:
  11. bamachile Bo Scarborough - Proud American

    I have seen much of it as well, from coaches to Presidents. I believe that verbalized obscenities tend to work against a person, no matter how talented they are. This has nothing to do with whether or not I respect them or whether or not everyone says the same. It's just one of those truisms...

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