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    Link: Winningest college football teams over time

    That is awesome.
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    Question: What Is Your Favorite Moment (Not Game) Of The Saban Era?

    With all of the amazing moments, that's actually the very first one that came to my mind. I've said this on TideFans before, but with that win, I knew Alabama had fundamentally changed. Before Saban, they would have lost that game 9 times out of 10 because of a lack of self confidence (that...
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    Big Ten finalizing a deal with Fox, CBS, and NBC for media rights. ESPN will no longer carry B1G games after deal expires

    As an announcer, if every fan base thinks you're against their school and for your opponent, it probably means you're doing a pretty good job. I know several UGA, UT, and AU fans who can't stand to listen to Danielson when Alabama plays their team because they are convinced he is pro Alabama...
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    You are assuming those billionaires are interested in college football and will throw money into it. That's a big assumption.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    The NIL and the transfer portal are about to unleash The Law of Unintended Consequences on college football. It will survive because of the money and because the NFL needs it, but it's going to look radically different. Some will like the change. Some will not. I will miss the amateurism of...
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    College football bowl games in jeopardy

    I think the issue is they can't practice in the meantime. The team may be healthier in 10 days, but not game-ready.
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    More championship games than losses.

    Said another way, when Alabama does lose, it's usually to a champion. Of Alabama's 18 losses since the 2008 season, 9 were to championship-level teams: 6 were to teams that won the National Championship, 2 more were to teams that played for the National Championship, and 1 was to an Auburn team...
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    More championship games than losses.

    I know records are meant to be broken, but I just can't see the streak of records Saban, and Alabama under Saban, have made ever being broken. Some of the numbers, like this one, are just unreal. There's no precedent for it in organized sports - of any kind, at any level.
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    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    If that's true, Harsin just killed any chance of becoming a dominant recruiter in the southeast. No high school coach is going to be for a guy who promises one of his kids an opportunity under false pretenses. Talk about shortsighted.
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    BREAKING UGA DC Lanning hired for Oregon job.

    If Smart has Georgia at a place where they are second only to Alabama in the SEC, and in the top 5 -10 nationally, and he isn't a a good gameday coach, then the rest of the country must be being coached by idiots.
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    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    And you didn't even mention the way in which Alabama beat them this year. That one is going to leave a mark.
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    BREAKING UGA DC Lanning hired for Oregon job.

    Out of curiosity, why do people think Kirby Smart is a "stupid" / dumb coach? I think he probably mismanaged Fields, but that is debatable, given Fromm was serviceable (and maybe better than that). And the fake punt in the SEC Championship Game was a bad call, but, of course, had it worked...
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    BREAKING Bo Nix enters Transfer Portal

    If I were an Auburn fan, their current recruiting class would scare me to death. You can't win in the SEC if you can't recruit. It starts with the raw talent - and you can't compete with Alabama, A&M, and Georgia, if you don't have heaps of it. Harsin might be able to build a pipeline, but...
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    Heisman Trophy Ceremony Watch Thread (7 PM CST) (ESPN)

    Oklahoma did it a few years ago.
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    Regarding the Georgia article, that's not the real AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution - the state's biggest newspaper). It's a fake. The AJC's URL is: That one is "https://www-ajc-com.cdn..."

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