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    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    According to a caller on Finebaum (TIFWIW), who says that he is close to one of the Auburn board of trustees, Harsin wasn't who they wanted (the power brokers) and the AD is the one who hired him. They want(ed) Hugh Freeze and are close to getting it all worked out. So the rest it them...
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    Video: SEC Shorts: Hope hits the road

    Meh is right. More melancholy thing they have ever done. True, but not funny at all.
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    Alabama: Habits/Superstitions Before, During or After Alabama Football Games?

    I bake cookies for the game. We have a "kickoff" cookie at the beginning of the game and touchdown cookies throughout the game.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, NCG...

    The only disappointment I have is getting so close and not getting the NC. However, I am very proud of what this team accomplished and enjoyed watching them grow and improve.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, Monday, January 10, 7:00 PM, ESPN...

    Good Morning. THE GAME is finally here. I am taking it all in again because you never know when it could be the last. Hoping for injuries to be at a minimum and a very enjoyable game. Roll Tide!!!!!!!
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    Early Odds for National Championship game. UGA -2.5

    I am glad that we are the underdog but 2.5 point difference is basically a push. Vegas is essentialily saying ”pick em staight up”
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    JessN: Cincinnati preview: Bearcats don’t have Tide’s talent, but can create pressure points

    In the words of a famous Tidefan ...... "I'll Take it!"
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama v. Cincinnati, 2:30, 12/31, ESPN...

    RTR!!!! If we stay focused, we should win. Hope the young WR's show out.
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    Merry Christmas, TideFans!

    I love that song. Ray Charles sings from his soul. Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Question: Any chance we go after Jahmyr Gibbs (from GA Tech)

    Wow. Built like a little tank but man, that burst speed!!!!
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    BREAKING Early Signing Day December 2021

    And when they make it on the field and are reaking havok, we'll just call them the "Wrath of God Squad" ;)
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    Florida hires Louisiana's Billy Napier as new Head Football Coach

    sounds like he’s on the righttrack for success.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Needs to be at least a stipulation that you can't enter the portal until after the season is over and bowl games have been played.
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 12/6/2021 Thru 12/12/2021

    I hope you are ok kyallie. Were you affected?
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    Brian Kelly seems to be fitting in.

    Maybe we now have some insight as to why Max Johnson entered the portal. Kelly wanted him to get "Jiggy with it" in the disco room.

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